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Animals in our life: our best friends

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1 Animals in our life: our best friends

2 “My Dream” by Gillian Brown
I love all kinds of animals Dogs and cats and rabbits. I love all kinds of animals, Despite their little habits. If I had tons of money, D’you know what I would do? I would buy lots of animals And have my own zoo. But they wouldn’t be in cages, They would be free to run around. And there’s one thing they would feel And that is safe and sound!

3 Zoological Society of Kemerovo “Green People”

4 Aims of the Society Learn more about animals Take care of animals

5 Rules of the Society Feed homeless animals Plant trees and flowers
Find friends for homeless animals Don’t be cruel to animals Don’t throw garbage Help endangered animals

6 Let’s remember the names of animals.
It’s a …

7 Kinds of animals wild domestic endangered

8 Match the words and the descriptions
Zoo the planet Park all living things except plants Animals a place with grass and trees, usually in a town. People go there to relax or enjoy themselves Circus a place where animals live. People can look at them and study them Earth a group of people and animals who travel to different places to give shows. There you can see clowns and wild animals such as lions, tigers and elephants.

9 The places of living A forest A river An ocean/ sea Savanna Jungles
Mountains Desert

10 What can you say about them?
It’s a It is … It lives in …

11 Use the verbs in the third form
I have already (уже)… the cat. The dog has … a bone. The elephant has … its cage. The eagle has … away. I have … to the zoo. Mary has … a horse. I have … a letter from ZSL. Feed Bring Break Fly Come Draw Get

12 Welcome to the London Zoo! Here you can find 720 species!
Watch the video and remember as many animals as you can

13 Explain the expressions
Feeding time A day out Penguin beach Reptile house Get hungry

14 Home task Feed the birds Write an article about animals
Page 109 exercise 20 Thank you for the lesson!

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