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Analysis of Opening Title Sequences- Slide Show 1 Jane Lawrance Media Studies Varndean College.

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1 Analysis of Opening Title Sequences- Slide Show 1 Jane Lawrance Media Studies Varndean College

2 The Sixth Sense (1999) M. Night Shymalan

3 How are the Titles presented? Production Companies shown first – lead actor second (Bruce Willis) and then the title followed by other Actors and Designers. – unusually long title sequence. Shadow runs across movie title – supports the ghost theory. Blue almost typed font on a Black background. Fading Titles in and out with a spread.

4 How are the Titles supported by the sound track? Music uses strings and piano to show tension and unease. A humming at the beginning helps the audience to better feel the music and therefore effects them better. Music uses sharp changes when titles appear and uses slight changes throughout actor names in titles to hint at character profiles.

5 Light bulb used to show light source in a dark room Lighting similar to the case of the movie. Cant tell the feel of the Scene now, but there is dust On the light bulb fitting and the Lack of natural light suggests Something underground. CLOSE UP

6 Use of Voyeurism through the wine rack hints at the ghost theme, being watched by something you can’t see. Being able to afford expensive wine Having a wine cellar shows money Heeled shoes show the ‘night out’ or ‘getting ready to go out’ hard to escape or run in those types of shoes. You can tell that although there is a light the crew have used another light source for the room. MEDIUM SHOT

7 Use of reflection to show Characters. Prop to Show the Education And social Status Of the protagonist Warm colour pallet used…romantic, Warm and cosy An ordinary surrounding/ setting Fire place With fire shows the The time of Year…cold Winter or autumn? MEDIUM SHOT

8 Cellar still open from Where she rushed out Suggestion of bad things escaping Alcohol on display, suggesting celebration Showing a loving relationship between Man and women, Women is lower down Maybe to suggest man’s social standing. An ordinary Situation/ setting MEDIUM SHOT

9 LONG SHOT Normally used to at the end of a shot in a thriller Chandellier suggests expensive Life style. Framing suggests a large house with a big hall way Neutral colour pallet. Large grand father clock, door and corner of living room Give dark focus points for the eye.

10 We see the damage before the cause. Phone off the hook and bag knocked over with papers and tape recorder sprawled…suggestions of later event Especially with the tape recorder. Broken glass suggests an act of some Sort of brute force. Darker pallet used than before Light source from a separate room. MEDIUM CLOSE UP

11 Light sources from two separate places, Both brighter than the current room. Picture of Bruce Willis with his friends, shows his character is athletic and popular. MEDIUM SHOT

12 Black clothes suggest a bad character, however Because they are on the floor not the person it Suggest a lack of control for his actions and An innocence. White room, clean, innocent Back grounf Off white pants, suggests wealth, poor. Dirt on leg Suggests An Injury Getting Through The window WIDE SHOT

13 Gun suggests violence but Also escape. Tracks Left to the Scene of Bruce Willis’s Past picture. Takes away from the goriness of the act, makes the shock of the event more prominent. TRACKING WIDE SHOT

14 What elements of the location/setting in the first scene indicate the genre? A dark cellar A women wearing heels – indicates both wealth and the non practicality of the foot wear. The shot used is almost like she’s being watched (voyeurism) Use of half shadow. Indication of one light source from the light bulb.

15 What does the first scene tell us about the character? She is wealthy There is a cellar in the house They have vintage wines She is wearing high heels in the house and is made up to go out. She is vulnerable wearing the shoes she can’t run. Shots make her look like she’s being watched.

16 How is the narrative introduced? The plaque introducing the doctors profession. The cold breath and shivering in the cellar. The broken window. The lighting in the bathroom compared to the rest of the house. The story given by the patient and his innocence even when doing something bad.

17 How is the atmosphere created? How is it typical of a Thriller film? Dark half shadows used. Reflections used to show characters – the plaque Introduction of story – shivers and cold ness. Normality turns into abnormal when brake in happens Seeing the damage before the cause Night time Music used when things turn bad.

18 Sound Track Music Violins, Strings and Piano. Sound Effects The phone upstairs off the hook, the light bulb in the beginning, the fire place, the gun Dialogue Normal chat between a couple and then the conversation between patient and doctor. Contrasts.

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