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Genesis Solar Module Brochure 2012. ™

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1 Genesis Solar Module Brochure 2012









10 GENERAL PURCHASING AGREEMENT Current incentives available from federal, state, and local government agencies, permits you to take advantage of the benefits of solar power without any upfront capital outlay. Nuera NV Energy will design, build, own, operate, and maintain the system, depending upon the plan that you choose. You pay for each kilowatt- hour generated or get paid for selling it. In all cases, if the system does not perform, you don’t pay. Customers who enroll in three (3) consecutive three (3) year contracts for their power to be delivered by Nuera Energy Services Corporation will take complete ownership of the system beginning at the start of the tenth year. A Nuera representative will explain this opportunity in detail with each customer. Customers who qualify will get a 12 kW solar system installed on their roof and all ancillary equipment associated with a solar generating station. This system will generate approximately 1536 kWhs per month. The customer pays a set price for the electricity produced by our production equipment and they can own the system after signing a ten year contract for the service. After 10 years, both customers will own their systems outright. After the customer takes possession of the production equipment, Nuera Energy can still maintain the system by signing a contract with the owner. Step 1 Our Initial Assessment Purchasing starts by contacting a Nuera Energy representative or by submitting a request by email to: Once we receive your email, a representative will call you at a time that is most convenient to you. We will be contacting you to assess your electricity needs, understand your objectives, and answer any of your questions. During this initial discussion, our representative will identify financial, strategic, and environmental goals that may be met using on-site solar power generation. Then, we assess your site to determine location, available space (roof / ground / parking area), shading, and existing utility service. We consider your electricity needs to determine the right system size for your facility based on existing energy and power consumption We will then arrange a site visit to gather information on your home and verify that the site conditions are favorable. We will discuss the financial rebates and incentives available in your area. At this point, a consulting agreement will be given to each client wherein all fees for continuing professional services by Nuera Energy or any agents thereof, will be fully explained. If you desire to be the owner of the system and enjoy all of the incentives yourself, there is an extensive amount of work that follows the initial assessment phase, like retaining the professional services of engineers and architects. All of this will be explained in detail by a Nuera representative. The services of an engineer averages $2500 dollars an hour and architects approximately half of that. Our fees total $900 per hour. Our fees remain low because of the extensive knowledge our professionals possess and their experience in the industry.

11 Step 2 Preliminary Offer We will develop a preliminary offer for your consideration to determine if the recommended solution meets your needs. The preliminary offer will include: budgetary pricing for the power produced by the proposed system estimated energy production on an annual basis resulting energy savings under the appropriate utility rate schedule an overview of available government incentives and rebates that may be available scope of work that will be provided a listing of additional products that may be selected After submitting a preliminary offer for consideration, our representative will contact you to determine whether the proposed system meets your goals. The detailed offer will include: pricing for your electricity throughout the contract timeframe selected with payment terms. an overview of available government incentives and rebates. scope of work and product offering documentation. estimated energy savings under the appropriate utility rate schedule. preliminary system layout and design drawings a preliminary project schedule We will then provide a development agreement to be executed by all parties. The final step is the actual system installation and commissioning. Step 3 Installation & Commissioning Once you have decided to have a system installed, we will finalize the system design and initiate the permitting application process. During installation, we will work with other contractors (roofers, energy management, electricians, for example) to ensure that your solar installation is integrated with the existing facility and equipment. Where rebates and incentives are available, we will assist in filling out and submitting the forms to the proper agencies. If you purchase a system, training for on-site personnel is provided during commissioning to go over the tasks required to maintain and operate the system. Operation and maintenance service contracts are also available for customers who prefer to have us operate and maintain the system after they have taken possession of the equipment. Five-year energy output guarantee Nuera Energy will guarantee that your system will produce a contracted minimum amount of electricity each year or we'll pay the difference. This guarantee includes system performance risk as well as weather risk, so you can bank on your electric bill savings, rain or shine.


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