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Monday May 17 2010. Who are the collaborators? Community Health Charities is a federation dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by disability.

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1 Monday May 17 2010

2 Who are the collaborators? Community Health Charities is a federation dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by disability and chronic disease by uniting caring donors in the workplace to the nation’s most trusted health charities. EarthShare was founded by its member charities in 1988 to connect people to conservation nonprofits through workplace giving, volunteer opportunities, and environmental education. Global Impact is an organization dedicated to helping the world’s most vulnerable people, providing help to people in need in virtually every developing country.

3 Members of Community Health Charities include:

4 EarthShare’s Member Charities include:

5 Global Impact Member Charities:

6 Featured Charities  Efficient and effective: We help you build a workplace giving program that is easy and cost-effective with the support of our professional staff.  Corporate Positioning: We provide effective resources complementing any company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, demonstrating support with impact to a growing audience of savvy, informed customers.  CSR: Employee Giving Programs should be an important part of any complete corporate social responsibility or sustainability program.  Trustworthy: Delivers carefully screened charities to support through volunteerism or a financial gift.  Choice: Federation partnerships provide a menu of organizations that address important issues in communities in the U.S. and worldwide Meeting Employer’s Needs……

7 Featured Charities  Our strategic corporate partnerships helps strengthen a company’s commitment to their employees, the community and their overall corporate social responsibility strategy.  Compliment and build corporate sustainability initiatives with programs such as EarthShare's Green Team.  Connect employees to health and wellness information, with health management tools such as Community Health Charities’ Health Matters at Work ® program  Coordinate immediate response to natural disaster and global emergency response through Global Impact How we help our partners…

8 Featured Charities  Access to best practices  Strategic campaign planning and implementation  Resources on fiscal agent decisions and online giving  Assisting companies interested in unifying their campaigns nationally  Technology consultation  Training for campaign volunteers  National networks of experienced and trained staff  Facilitating charities' involvement in campaign events  Links to volunteer opportunities Support to strengthen your campaign…

9 Featured Charities Engage today’s diverse workforce, which has a broader sense of community Empowerment through choice Attract new donors to stagnating workplace campaigns Appeal to younger donors with broader interests fueled by ready access to global information Promote employee satisfaction Meeting Employee Needs…

10 Featured Charities  We utilize significant input from employees on topical areas to focus their giving options, thereby aligning your corporate citizenship goals with a level of choice among employees.  We simplify the process greatly with our pre- vetted trusted member organizations. Distributions can be handled on existing internal systems.  Our charities will become an extension of your campaign team, assisting with the implementation of best practices and providing materials, activity and event support, and donor recognition.  We provide a greater ability to highlight the impact on the mission of each charity involved, while providing significant choice to address the causes most important to employees. Meeting Employee Needs…

11 Global Impact, EarthShare, and Community Health Charities provide a network of community offices, national and local charities available to help support your campaign across the country. – Convenient charitable giving – Volunteer opportunities – Health and wellness information – Corporate sustainability initiatives – Natural disaster and global emergency response Employees look to their employers for non-traditional engagement benefits:

12 Business Partners & Relationships

13 Your Trusted Partners Community Health Charities, EarthShare and Global Impact have each earned a Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance Accredited Charity ranking. A BBB accredited charity is an organization that meets all 20 of the BBB Standards for charity accountability based on a review of information and materials. The BBB Wise Giving Alliance also offers guidance to donors on making informed giving decisions through charity evaluations, various "tips" publications, and the quarterly Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Guide.

14 Thank you for your consideration…

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