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Training of National Judges INFO DAY Introduction to the new Call for Proposals 2014 Raffaella Battella - DG Competition.

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1 Training of National Judges INFO DAY Introduction to the new Call for Proposals 2014 Raffaella Battella - DG Competition

2 Structure of the presentation 1.General intro to the Programme 2.Call for Proposals 2014 3.Statistics on selected projects 2013

3 1.Why is DG COMPETITION involved in a programme of DG JUSTICE? Main aim of the Justice Programme is to create an European justice culture Our specific field: competition law You find us at section 2.2.2 of the Annual Work Programme of DG JUSTICE Budget for 2014: 1.000.000 €

4 Nationalities of Judges trained on EU competition law 2007-2013

5 What we finance: Measures promoting training in EU competition law for national judges and cooperation between them (organisation of conferences, short or long-term training, the distribution of documentation and information on EU competition law specifically tailored to the needs of national judges etc.) Projects must cover the implementation of Articles 101 and 102 of the TFEU and/or state aid rules and may include private enforcement We finance up to 80% of the total eligible costs of the projects.

6 Target audience "Judicial staff" Judges Prosecutors Judicial court staff Bailiffs Notaries Mediators One or several professions Participants from one or several Member States (or acceding country) In initial (induction period) or continuous training

7 2. Ongoing Call for Proposal 2014 Date of publication:27 May 2014 (all languages) Deadline for applications: 29 August 2014 Budget: 1.000.000 (8-12 projects) Priority areas Improvement of knowledge, application and interpretation of EU competition law; Support to National Judicial Institutions on Competition Law knowledge; Improving and/or creating cooperation/networks; Residual* funding for linguistic trainings

8 Evaluation Process There should be at ideally 3 experts to evaluate each proposal Proposal 1 Draft Score Table Draft Score Table Draft Score Table 1° Evaluation Committe Final Score Table+ Evaluation summary report Final Score Table+ Evaluation summary report Final Score Table+ Evaluation summary report 2° Evaluation Committee Final ranking meeting

9 The 5 Award criteria to assess 1. RELEVANCE (30 points)2. QUALITY (30 points) 5. COST EFFECTIVENESS (20 points) a) The extent to which the proposal matches the objectives of the call (10 points) a) Are the methodology (approach, detail and specificity of the proposed activities, quality of the speakers, monitoring systems, marketing strategies etc.) and the timeframe suitable to achieve the desired outcome of the project? (10 points) a) Is the forward budget reasonable, given the expected results and in terms of cost per day of one trained judge (10 points)? b) The extent to which the proposal matches the requirement of an European added value announced in section 2.1 (10 points) b) Are the proposed activities suitably designed for the expected audience (10 points)? b) Do the costs allocated in each section of the budget represent a good value for money in respect to the average market price (10 points)? c) The extent to which the proposal matches the priority areas set in the call and is tailored for national judges (by role, function, seniority) (10 points) c) To what extent the design of the projects allows achieving its goals (balanced distribution of tasks, best choice of expertise etc.) (10 points)? 4.DISSEMINATION (10 points) 5. GEOGRAPHICALL SCOPE (10 points) a) Are there effective plans put in place for appropriate and timely disseminations/sharing of results? (5 points) a)How wide is the geographical impact - in terms of expected results - of the project (based on variety of nationalities involved in terms of participants, targeted group and/or partnership)? (5 points) b) Are the results likely to have a sustainable impact? (5 points) b)Extra points will be awarded to projects involving nationalities less reached by previous projects funded under the Training of National Judges on Competition Law Programme.(5 points) + To qualify for an award, the project must obtain at least 60 out of 100 points and at least 50 % of the points available for criteria 1, 2 and 5.

10 Final Ranking panel meeting Remote Evaluations 10 – 14 September 2014 Deadline 25/09/2014 Kick off remote briefing 09/09/2014 Completing Evaluation 1° Evaluation Committee meeting 15/09/2014 2° Evaluation Committee meeting 25/09/2014 Evaluation process CFP2014

11 A good application is Targeting the right audience (apprentice judges or senior? Fist instance or supreme courts?) Focus on specific and real-based (survey, study etc) training needs (general or specific) Strong partnership (Ministry, Judicial Academies, Courts etc) Well planned (preparation + marketing + implementation + dissemination/sustainability) Producing long lasting results (network, database, pubblications etc)

12 3. Awarded Projects (after adjustments) in 2013

13 Proposals received in 2013 (21)

14 Success rate Nationality of Applicants Number of Applications by Nationality X Percentage of Applications by Nationality (x/21) How many applications are Ranked by nationality(Above 60 points) Percentage of applications that are Ranked by nationality (Above 60 points) How many applications are awarded by nationality Percentage awarded by nationality (top score within budget) Bulgaria14.76%00.00%0 Germany29.52%2100.00%2 Spain314.29%266.67%2 France14.76%00.00%0 Hungary14.76%1100.00%1 Italy523.81%360.00%240.00% Netherlands29.52%2100.00%150.00% Portugal314.29%3100.00%266.67% Romania14.76%1100.00%00.00% Slovakia14.76%1100.00%00.00% United Kingdom14.76%1100.00%00.00% Total21100.00%16 10

15 Judges distribution (by nationality) Total number of Projects funded:10 Estimated amount of judges trained:744

16 Looking for a partner? Send to us the relevant info and we will put them on our dedicated section online! Would you like to have a special Info day organised on your country? Contact us!

17 Thank you Questions? Tel.97883

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