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How to Apply for an Interlibrary Cooperation Grant from the Alaska State Library March 23, 2013 Alaska Library Association Conference Valdez.

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1 How to Apply for an Interlibrary Cooperation Grant from the Alaska State Library March 23, 2013 Alaska Library Association Conference Valdez

2 Interlibrary Cooperation Grants  For grants with statewide significance or that are innovative or that allow individual libraries to experiment with new services or programs or buy technology  Grants are competitive and should be project-oriented  Cooperative activities that benefit more than one library are more competitive  Grants have been awarded for projects ranging in size from under $500 to over $50,000  Can not support ongoing operational costs, replace primary funding sources, or fund activities that are the primary responsibility of the applicant library

3 Interlibrary Cooperation Grants Eligibility for Interlibrary Cooperation Grants  All types of libraries may submit proposals: academic, public, school, and special  Is a library with a regular schedule of library services  Has a dedicated facility for library purposes  Has an established history of providing library services and programs  Has an annual budget with funds allocated for library materials and services  A public library must be eligible for or receiving a Public Library Assistance Grant to receive an Interlibrary Cooperation grant

4 Interlibrary Cooperation Grants Funding Priorities  Proposals should be compatible with the state goals and activities and federal priorities set out in the Library Services and Technology Act Alaska State Plan 2013 – 2017. State Plan Goals  Alaska libraries will support lifelong learning opportunities for all Alaskans.  Alaska libraries will provide access to content in current and emerging formats for all Alaskans.  Alaska libraries will explore evolving roles as anchor institutions that benefit their communities.

5 Interlibrary Cooperation Grants Federal Priorities (20 US Code 9141 - Library Programs - Grants to States)  Expand services for learning and access to information and educational resources in a variety of formats, in all types of libraries, for individuals of all ages.  Develop library services that provide people access to information through local, state, regional, national and international electronic networks.  Provide electronic and other linkages among and between all types of libraries.  Develop public and private partnerships with other agencies and community based organizations.  Target library services to people of diverse geographic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds, to people with disabilities, and to people with limited functional literacy or information skills.  Target library and information services to people having difficulty using a library and to underserved urban and rural communities, including children up to age 18 from families with incomes below the poverty line.

6 Interlibrary Cooperation Grants Clear, Well-Developed and Presented Proposals Are Strongly Encouraged  Well-defined objectives  A narrative that justifies budget line items, including in-kind donations  Significant local financial support for the project as local match  A time line for the project  An evaluation plan that collects at least outputs, comments, and anecdotes  For grant projects that impact people directly, the evaluation plan will include measurable targets and will indicate tools that will be used to measure changes to patrons or staff

7 Interlibrary Cooperation Grants Local Match  Be sure to indicate the amount of local money that will be used as local match to support the grant project  Local match funds are strongly recommended for grant projects that benefit your library alone  Local match funds indicate library support for the project and will make your grant application more competitive

8 Interlibrary Cooperation Grants Evaluation plans should include at least  What outputs you plan to track, i.e. statistics on how much you did, such as: number of programs, number of attendees, number of photos digitized, number of resources purchased  Comments and anecdotes from the intended audience of the grant project  A description of how you intend to gather outputs, comments, and anecdotes

9 Interlibrary Cooperation Grants Some Projects Will Be Chosen for Outcome-Based Evaluations (OBE)  A limited number of ILC grant projects will be targeted by State Library staff to include a more detailed outcome-based evaluation to show the impact of the project on library patrons or staff  State Library staff will assist the staff at libraries receiving these grants by providing information and possibly training funds on how to plan and implement an outcome-based evaluation

10 Interlibrary Cooperation Grants Outcome Based Evaluation  If the grant project will impact patrons or staff, include measurable targets stated as a number or percentage for outcomes listed in the evaluation section of the application  What tools you plan to use to find out whether the grant project reached the measurable targets for impact on patrons or staff, i.e. changes in skills, knowledge, attitude, and/or quality of life  Tools for measuring the impact of the grant project on patrons or staff include: surveys, informal interviews, observations, questionnaires, etc.

11 Interlibrary Cooperation Grants Measurable OBE targets should be stated in this format:  Change in Skills: 12 people will learn to use e-book readers  Change in Attitude: 25% of the participants who were hesitant to use the library’s online catalog will report increased confidence with technology  Change in Behavior: 15 youth will report they read more since they heard the author speak  Change in Knowledge: 50% of participants will report they learned book repair techniques they can use in their own library

12 Interlibrary Cooperation Grants  Cost of evaluating the grant project should be included in budget on grant application  Most grant projects will include low cost self-evaluations, such as gathering output, comments, and anecdotes  State Library staff can assist applicants in developing an evaluation plan  We can supply sample OBE surveys for measuring changes in skills, knowledge, attitude, or quality of life












24 Interlibrary Cooperation Grants ILC grant applications should be postmarked by April 1 ILC grant applications are at: Need help? Call me 800-776-6566 Write:

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