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Mentis Consulting Inc Company Profile 4/20/2017.

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1 Mentis Consulting Inc Company Profile 4/20/2017

2 PORT Company Profile Mentis Consulting Inc Development Center :
(Process Operations and Resource Tracking) Mentis Consulting Inc Company Profile Development Center : 202, Dwarkashish, Vikas Marg Delhi INDIA. Phone: Design, development, production and implementation Architecture & Design Application Management Testing and Validation Web Solutions Resourcing Solutions Application Development Sales / Marketing : 697, Warwick Road, Tyseley Birmingham Mobile: Company Strengths -Customer Focus -Process Orientation -Continual Improvement -Timely Updates -Low Operating Costs 4/20/2017 Mentis Consulting Inc

3 Introduction Mentis Consulting Private Limited is a global software technology solutions and Recruitment service provider company with 100+ people. Based in Delhi, Mentis is a leading software development and Recruitment solutions company providing cost effective product development, software enhancement solutions and outsourcing services to the design, development, production, implementation and testing of several software applications and business critical solutions which include industrial software, web applications, enterprise applications, wireless applications and mobile solutions. 4/20/2017 Mentis Consulting Inc

4 Mission Statement Quality Solutions for Complex Business Problems…
Our Values: Drive for Success Customer Focus • Employee Care Social Responsibility 4/20/2017 Mentis Consulting Inc

5 What is important to the customer !
Strong IT Infrastructure High Quality Service Solutions that work Prompt Delivery Easy Accessibility and Integration Courteous and Professional Business dealings Fair and honest business Where business solutions converge with customer needs… 4/20/2017 Mentis Consulting Inc

6 Our Approach Customer requirements Design Code Test Deliver
Quality Management Principles in line with ISO 9001:2000 Customer Focus Proactive Leadership Process Approach Systems Approach Involvement of People Continual Improvement Factual Approach to Decision making Mutually beneficial customer relationships. 4/20/2017 Mentis Consulting Inc

7 What attributes to IT Delivery failures?
Communication Gap: (75% cases) (i) When the requirements are not properly communicated by client (ii) When the requirements are misunderstood by IT Manager Management Failure: (20% cases) (i) No Project Management (ii) No interactive medium for collaboration (ii) No Reporting IT Failures: (5% cases) (i) Improper architectural design / engineering (ii) Irresponsible coding styles / methodologies (iii) lack of sufficient technical skill-set / guidance for developers 4/20/2017 Mentis Consulting Inc

8 Why our IT Projects are Successful
Our First Step - building strong Team (i) Manager – Responsible for whole project and Customer Communication (i) Tech Leads – Responsible for Modules / Sub Projects – Very experienced (ii) Senior Developers – Responsible for Sub modules / development Relying on powerful Project Management System - For requirements gathering - Estimation / Milestones - Risk Analysis / Mitigation - Time Tracking - Daily Reporting - Weekly Status updates - Issue / problem delegation Process based Approach 4/20/2017 Mentis Consulting Inc

9 Our Core Technologies 4/20/2017 Visual Studios .NET / Visual C#(10)
Testing (QA/QC ) (20) ASP.NET / ASP(20) Java / J2EE(10) PHP / PERL / CGI(10) Oracle ADF(10) Flash 8.0 / Photoshop(4) Oracle/MSSQL/MYSQL(5) 4/20/2017 Mentis Consulting Inc

10 Industries Web & Online Services Retail & Logistics Media & Graphics
Entertainment Financial Services 4/20/2017 Mentis Consulting Inc

11 Our Business Windows Applications and Web Solutions including Networking / Socializing concepts Portal Development, Design and Maintenance of community portals and sites. SEO orientation from beginning of project. E-commerce Applications including online shopping and business process automations Content Management Systems including news, article management systems and forums Recruitment Solutions Streaming Audio/Video solutions Application & Graphics Design 4/20/2017 Mentis Consulting Inc

12 Our Business -- continued
Custom Software Development including Windows based custom software development Multilingual Software Solutions Packaged Applications Software Testing Freelance Network & Solutions 4/20/2017 Mentis Consulting Inc

13 Portfolio 4/20/2017 Mentis Consulting Inc

14 Portfolio(Cont.) 4/20/2017
Mentis Consulting Inc

15 Portfolio(Cont.) 4/20/2017
Mentis Consulting Inc

16 Portfolio(Cont.) 4/20/2017
Mentis Consulting Inc

17 Portfolio (Cont.) 4/20/2017
Mentis Consulting Inc

18 Portfolio(Cont.) 4/20/2017 Mentis Consulting Inc

19 Portfolio(Cont.) 4/20/2017
Mentis Consulting Inc

20 Contact Mentis Development center: #202, Dwarkashish, Vikas Marg,
Delhi, INDIA. Website Phone : (+91) 11 – Marketing & Sales: 697, Warwick Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, UK Mobile: 4/20/2017 Mentis Consulting Inc

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