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Title IA Eligible Attendance Areas Title IA Online Training 2005-2006.

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1 Title IA Eligible Attendance Areas Title IA Online Training 2005-2006

2 Title IA Eligible Attendance Areas Attendance area: –Geographic area from which schools draw attendance Title IA eligible attendance area –Areas of greatest poverty

3 Determining Funding Eligibility Poverty criteria district may use– US census child poverty count District free or reduced lunch count Children in families receiving TANF Children eligible to receive Medicaid Composite of measures.

4 Determining Title IA Funded Schools Rank all schools Using % of students in poverty Use same measure of poverty for : Identifying schools Determining ranking of schools Determining allocations for schools

5 Funding Schools Title IA funds all schools 75 % poverty In rank order by poverty Then may fund lower-ranked schools

6 Funding Schools After all schools with 75% poverty funded: District may Fund by rank order of poverty Fund grade spans Must rank by poverty within grade spans

7 Funding Schools If no schools above 75 % poverty: District may rank schools: District-wide or By grade spans (District defines grade spans)

8 Funding Schools Districts May Fund schools with 35 % (or more) children in poverty Choose not to fund school with higher poverty (than a served school) If…

9 Funding Schools If School-- Meets comparability requirements AND Receives other supplemental funds AND Funds equal or exceed amount Title IA would have provided

10 125% Rule If district serves any school below 35% must allocate to all participating schools per child amount at least 125% of the district’s per child amount

11 Calculating 125% Entire district Title IA allocation Divided by number of children eligible for free or reduced lunch Then multiply this per-child amount by 125%

12 Calculating 125% District must: Calculate 125% before setting aside funds Allocate this amount for: each low-income child in every school not just for those schools below 35% poverty

13 Calculating school funding If not enough to fund next ranked eligible school: District may serve school if: funds enable children to make adequate progress

14 Serving Schools Districts May: Serve school one additional year if school : No longer eligible but Served preceding year

15 Funding for Eligible Private School Students Counting eligible private school students: Low income students Poverty measures same as public school Living in a Title IA school area Student would attend a served Title IA school

16 Calculating funding for private school students Eligible private school students + Eligible public school students Sum of all eligible students Divided into school Title IA allocation Equals per child amount

17 Program for Eligible Private School Students Multiply eligible private school children by per child amount Equals funding for program for eligible private school students

18 Serving Eligible Private School Children Students eligible for services May not be those generating funding Must be selected for services using TAS criteria District must provide program See private school training for more information

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