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Performance Management Open Information Session Spring 2009.

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1 Performance Management Open Information Session Spring 2009

2  Focus of Today’s Session  Review the enhancements to the performance review document  Define the shared responsibility between employees and supervisors  Discuss ways to prepare for the performance review discussion  Presentation and Revised Forms are available on-line at  Please hold questions 2

3  Brief Historical Perspective  Based on recommendations from Performance Management Work Group (PMWG) the Cabinet and Board approved significant changes to the performance review and compensation systems  Training was held for supervisors and employees in Spring 2008  Feedback gathered through:  Staff Assembly Compensation and Benefits Survey  Multiple facilitated feedback sessions across the campus  Enhancements have been made to the performance review documents based on this input  Full implementation targeted for June 2010

4  Current Status  Performance Management Work Group (PMWG) has been reconvened for FY 2008-2009  June 2009 annual increases are planned to be an Across the Board (ATB) increase or an adjustment to the minimum of the range (whichever is greater)  HR now working with the Pilot Groups (120 employees spread over 5 divisions) to go through a simulated compensation model and performance reviews 4

5  Path Forward  Pilot Groups evaluate the amended forms and compensation model to insure they are functional and a good fit for our culture  Feedback from the Pilot Groups will be provided to the PMWG  Recommendations made to the Cabinet in Summer 2009  Change in Management’s Roles and Responsibilities  Greater accountability  On-going assessment and communication of employee performance  Greater utilization of Performance Review outcomes 5

6 6 Setting Goals & Expectations Define job criteria by which performance will be measured based on job description Establish goals and objectives Communicate expectations to employees Rework objectives or performance standards, if necessary Performance Coaching Define coaching Give effective feedback Recognize employees’ area of development Coach for better performance Document Annual Performance Review GU Performance Review Mistakes to Avoid Behavior Based Statements 1 2 3

7 7

8  Timeline of Key Months Document (New)  Overview Document  Employee Self-Review Document  Annual Performance Review Document Performance Review Packet can be found at 8

9  New Document intended to provide timeline by key months (February – June) for completing performance review process. 9

10  States Compensation Philosophy  Outlines the program guidelines. Enhancements include:  February 1 st – April 15 th  2-4 weeks to complete employee self review  Rating Definitions 10

11  Criteria reviewed by PMWG based on comments from feedback sessions held throughout campus.  Enhancements include:  Self Assessment – 5 to 3 - improvement opportunity, satisfactory, exceptional  Added Review Period  Employee Standards – similar to Supervisor Review except for Professional Development and Management and Leadership Responsibilities  Enhanced definition in goals section 11

12  Criteria reviewed by PMWG based on comments from feedback sessions held throughout campus.  Enhancements include:  Expanded Assessment Rating Options with adding “N/A” and “.5” intervals  Performance Criteria – highlighting assess both Behavior and Competency Based  Additional Criteria – customize for the position (goal achievement, process management, quantity of work)  Enhanced definition in goals section 12

13  Annual performance reviews are completed from February 1st – April 15th.  Prior to review meeting:  Ask your supervisor for your job description and self-review document generally 2-4 weeks prior to the performance review discussion  Ask your supervisor for any specific job criteria added to the review  Assess past year’s goals and timelines  Complete your self-review 13

14  After the review has been administered:  Typically, annual salary increases spreadsheets will be distributed for approval/signature by Human Resources to the Area Vice President and should be returned to Human Resources no later than April 30 th.  Any employee concerns regarding performance review content should be addressed between date of review given and May 15 th within the Area Vice President Division  Final annual increase spreadsheets are provided to Payroll for loading from Human Resources to ensure fiscal year effective date.  Annual increases effective June 1 st unless otherwise communicated by the University Cabinet. 14

15 15

16  Engage in on-going communication  Regular meetings  Weekly email updates  Project statuses  Ensure both parties are clear on job expectations, job description and duties  Discuss questions and clarify priorities 16

17  Utilize Objective Criteria to demonstrate success during review period  Using metrics  Job expectations  Assess competencies  Utilize goal statements and progress made in achieving goals 17

18 18  Create Goals  An effective goal statement provides an excellent basis for setting and monitoring progress toward strategically aligned goals  Goals should go beyond an essential job function  Goals should be something specific to focus on for the upcoming year  Use SMART formula (Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Relevant, Timeframe)

19 19

20  Complete your self-review  Provide current information on your accomplishments  Provide specific examples of what you’ve done well  Provide specific examples of what you’d like to enhance with your work performance  Prepare what you would like to accomplish next 20

21  In addition to completing your self- review:  Confirm the time, and the place of the meeting  Be prepared to discuss specific examples of behaviors and performance outcomes  Be receptive to feedback  Be willing to take ownership to enhance performance  Be willing to receive assistance to heighten performance

22 22

23  Ask for feedback on what you’re doing well  Ask for feedback on what to improve  Ask clarifying questions  “What else could I have done to improve X?”  “Do you have any suggestions for me?” 23

24  Discuss what you plan to achieve by the end of the next review period and ask what your supervisor expects you to achieve in this timeframe  Make sure you finalize SMART goals  Make your supervisor aware of any issues or roadblocks you are facing and discuss how they might be overcome  Let your supervisor know what you need from him/her during the next year to be successful 24

25  Discuss your development activities for the year  Share progress you have made toward your own development  Find out how your supervisor can support you in accomplishing your development goals for the year  Complete the discussion  Thank your supervisor for his/her feedback  Recommit yourself to a successful year 25

26  Following the guidelines from this session will help enhance the performance review discussion  Employee’s Next Steps:  Meet with supervisor to receive self-review and review current job description  Complete your self-review document  Participate in review discussion by April 15 th  Upcoming training targeted to further assist you:  Dealing with Change and Transition (May- June)  Please complete the evaluation form 26

27  Email HR via the anonymous email tool on our website  Email Heather Murray at or Gretchen Stoup at 27

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