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Performance Assessment Process: The Employee’s Perspective May 2014.

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1 Performance Assessment Process: The Employee’s Perspective May 2014

2 Why Have Performance Reviews? To identify and reward employee excellence in order to achieve our academic mission Performance assessment & feedback mechanisms contribute strongly to the success of an organization; Best practice among “Employers of Choice” Focus on results & what’s important to the organization Integrates objectives (institutional, divisional and departmental) with the individual’s goals and daily activities Identifies concerns/challenges and potential barriers before they impact performance Clarifies expectations so that employees and their manager’s have a common vision Identifies learning opportunities and supports professional development

3 What can be accomplished? Communication and recognition to employees in regards to job performance Setting of clear priorities and goals Establishment of appropriate and meaningful measures Define and clarify expected levels of performance Ensure resources, skills, knowledge in place to be successful in meeting objectives

4 Employee Feedback The lack of proper performance reviews makes it impossible to adequately set career goals or assess performance. A simple evaluation or performance statement would be very helpful. We get our salary increases without any concern for performance…I can’t help but think that some form of performance barometer or gauge would help everyone.

5 [I would like] A process which allows staff members to be given feedback about their work. Not the job well done speech or general announcements but individual privately given feedback. [Previously] I welcomed my performance review as it gave both myself and my manager an opportunity to reflect and highlight work well done….It also provided the opportunity to talk about the upcoming year and my professional development. Staff member – past U of T Employee Experience Survey

6 What is the employee’s role in the assessment? – Activity Report – online Halogen – The Performance Assessment Meeting – Managing Upwards

7 Activity Report: Highlight Your Accomplishments Highlight Key Accomplishments and Deliverables (planned and unplanned) Highlight Challenges and How You Achieved Objectives Despite the Challenges Ensure your Manager is aware of examples of strong performance Link your accomplishments to departmental and institutional mandates

8 Activity Report: Highlight Your Accomplishments (cont.) What if I didn’t set goals last year Outline what you did do Make sure to set goals for next year

9 Activity Report: Use specific examples to demonstrate your achievements

10 STAR Situation (Deliverables/Goals/Provide Context) Task (Describe challenges, what needed & why) Actions (your role/input) Results (outcomes/measurable)

11 What valuable information can I gain from the process? Recognition and praise for work well done Listen to constructive feedback and plan change strategies if needed Identify gaps and learning opportunities Identify opportunities to develop new skills Discuss developmental opportunities

12 Input into Planning Processes Opportunity for discussion and input into job assignments, projects, goals for upcoming year Opportunity to discuss career development and training plans Opportunity to develop formal action items

13 The Process & What You Need to Get Started Critical Dates Tools: Halogen’s online form Getting Started: Activate the Halogen account and setup a password

14 Critical Dates May 20 - June 23 PM and Confidential staff complete the Activity Report (Part A of the online eAppraisal form). The Activity Report from P/M and Confidential staff members is due to Reviewer by June 23. Months of May to July Training for PM and Confidential staff and Training for Reviewers on the performance assessment process to be conducted by Divisional HR Offices. Drop off sessions for process participants to assist with Halogen online form. June 24 - August 11 Reviewer completes the Competencies Worksheet and Summary identifying the effective or ineffective behaviors demonstrated during the review period and obtains additional feedback on performance if appropriate. Reviewer completes the Values & Competencies Summary (Part B of the online eAppraisal form). by August 11 Reviewer submits the completed performance assessment with a recommended overall performance rating by August 11 for Divisional Review. Reviewers should not share recommended ratings with staff prior to the Divisional Review. August 12 - Sept 5 Divisional HR Offices facilitate Divisional Reviews. Approved ratings or ratings that require adjustment are communicated to the Reviewer. By October 20 Reviewer conducts face to face performance assessment discussions and confirms all ratings with P/M and Confidential staff members. Reviewer submits finalized and approved online eAppraisal report back to Employee. by October 31 PM and Confidential staff completes Employee Summary Comments and Signs Off on eAppraisal assessment.

15 The Performance Assessment Meeting Prep for the Assessment: – Quality Activity Reports – Self Assessment – Developmental Goals

16 Managing Upwards Get the most out of the process by: Knowing the Tool and the Process Knowing the Critical Dates

17 Performance Planning Coaching Feedback Professional Development Succession Planning Compensation How Does Performance Assessment Fit Into Human Resources Management?

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