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The Storyboard of iSkills Intro Video. Title Page Narration: About iSkills.

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1 The Storyboard of iSkills Intro Video

2 Title Page Narration: About iSkills

3 Intro Narration: “Today, smart phones and tablet PCs are everywhere. People use them everyday to search for information on the Web, take pictures, and watch their favorite TV shows. People can even pay their bills on the spot with their portable devices.”

4 Intro Narration: “iSkills adds to this list of innovative technology. iSkills is a new system that helps people with disabilities acquire critical life skills using portable devices.” Intro

5 Narration: People with disabilities face many challenges as they transition from school to postsecondary environments such as independent living and the workplace. Many skills people take for granted, such as ordering food, using a vending machine, washing dishes, or crossing the street, may prove to be difficult independent tasks for someone with developmental disabilities.”

6 Narration: “With iSkills, people with disabilities can increase self-determination by learning to independently perform these everyday skills. iSkills provide life skill videos on portable devices, such as iPads and iPhones. Individuals then can carry these devices wherever they go and watch the videos just when they need them.”

7 How It Works Narration: “So, here is how iSkills works. On the iSkills website, located at, you can find a database of videos featuring skills that are needed at home, at work, and in the community. You can watch these videos on the website for free. These videos have been created by professional developers and users like you.

8 How It Works Narration: These videos can be carried on your portable device. Simply add the videos on the database to your own playlist and synch with your portable device. You can download as many videos as you want and create as many playlists as you need.

9 How It Works Narration: “Now, people with disabilities can carry a device equipped with these videos and use them to learn, practice, and maintain skills while they are at home, school or out in the community. While in the community, videos can be used independently, or with parents, teachers, or job coaches.”

10 Ending Narration: “iSkills is all about empowering everyone to be independent and successful in life! Register at and create your own playlist today! And then download the iSkills app on your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad to have your videos on the go!”

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