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SharePoint and SharePoint Online: Today and what's next? Presented by Luke Abeling – IT Platforms.

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1 SharePoint and SharePoint Online: Today and what's next? Presented by Luke Abeling – IT Platforms

2 Agenda Where we are today? What’s next and how do we get there? Features of SharePoint Online (Wave 15) Example Sites Questions?

3 Where are we today? We currently host over 1000 Sites Approximately 100 Site Collections 2010 OnPrem Production Farm Team Sites and MySites 2013 OnPrem Application Farm OneDrive for Business (SharePoint Online) Over 35,000 Sites Provisioned

4 Success Stories Diversity Council Curriculum Subcommittee Site (Kelsey Molo) Collect and review course syllabi and criteria checklist Diversity Requirement Criteria Checklist Implementing InfoPath Form and automated workflow Improve course submissions for instructors Increasing efficiency of the collection and reviewing process Storing and retrieving information more conveniently Centrally located with versioning and checkout

5 Success Stories PSMO LoboTime Phase II SitePSMO LoboTime Phase II Site (John Colangelo) Accessibility from anywhere at anytime Reduced Administrative Intervention Huge success and easy adoption Designed for multiple levels of experience Uses all Out of the Box Functions Allows self paced training

6 What’s next and how do we get there? SharePoint Online (Wave 15 – SharePoint 2013) Part of the Office 365 Project Road Map (Discovery Phase) Migrating to SharePoint Online All sites will be migrated in parallel Metalogix Content Matrix Site Template and Site Upgrade consideration Migration Paths Migrate straight through Rebuild and migrate content Abandon Site

7 SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 Features (Some of the Highlighted Key Features)

8 Default Software Boundaries and Limits Site collection storage limit - Up to 1 TB per site collection SubSite - Up to 2,000 SubSites per site collection File upload limit – 2 GB per file File attachment size limit - 250 MB Number of external user invitees – Unlimited* Sync limits 20,000 items in the OneDrive for Business library 5,000 items in site libraries, including files and folders

9 Site Building Office Online OneNote integration with team sites Create and edit lists more quickly Project sites Project Summary Web Part Project task schedule Visual timeline of the project’s tasks Notebook for capturing and organizing information

10 Workflows and Apps for SharePoint A new workflow architecture More expressive workflows Stages to model workflows as logically grouped actions An improved email editor SharePoint App Catalog and Store* Support for the development, installation, management, and use of apps*

11 Site Customization New looks and themes for any site Configure sites for mobile devices New Design Manager for advanced design or branding Edit the navigation more easily Optimize your site for search

12 Discovery and Search Enhancements for finding people and expertise Create and maintain Search Centers Navigation enhancements Discovering videos Business intelligence Interact with workbooks in a browser window New and improved Business Intelligence Center

13 Site Organization Manage documents with the new callout feature Use drag and drop Sync document libraries using OneDrive for Business Track SharePoint sites on your Sites page Keep track of your tasks Site Mailboxes

14 Site Management Improved site collection upgrade experience Site collection health checker Request an evaluation site collection Improved ways to manage external sharing New Recycle Bin (Admin Center)

15 Sharing documents or sites OneDrive for Business New Share command to share documents or sites Send a guest link to people outside your organization* External sharing is turned on by default* Microsoft account or a work or school account* SPO Admins can remove existing guests from external sharing* Personalized email when you share a document or site Use your mobile device to share Receive newsfeed alerts when documents get updated*

16 Community Sites and Community Portal Community Sites expands the discussion board concept New Community Site template Encourage information sharing across teams and groups The availability to all members of the community Full retention of discussion history Ratings and achievement system Community Portal Directory that lists all community sites Search for, discover, follow, visit, and participate in communities

17 Social Features Blogs and microblogging features Site Feeds One Click Sharing People, Sites, and Document Recommendations Personal Sites (About me) Ratings Shared with Me SharePoint Newsfeed App

18 What will change for my users? 2010 to 2013 Site Experience User authentication The URL for my Site Collection

19 Example Sites Accessing SharePoint Online Community Sites Community Portal Project Sites Team Sites

20 Links to Features Lists Social Features Sites Features Search Features Content Features Developer Features

21 Questions? When can I have access? How long will it take to migrate my site? Will there be down time? What do I have to do as a Site Collection or Site Administrator? Questions?

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