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Hot Composting By: Ksenia Sherstyuk.

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1 Hot Composting By: Ksenia Sherstyuk

2 What is hot composting?? Hot Composting is a way to get higher quality soil by layering cardboard and organic material evenly in a compost bin. Every so often you should turn the pile over.

3 Why hot composting??? The answer’s quite simple, actually. It helps keep things green!!! Hot composting uses fruit and vegetable scraps that you would normally throw in the trash can to help the earth. So you can reuse food and grow a garden. Truly a win-win situation!

4 What can I compost? You can compost paper, fruit and vegetable scraps, crushed egg shells, dryer lint, tea bags, coffee grounds, and much more.

5 What can’t I compost? Do not compost weeds, pet litter, human waste, meat, charcoal, pesticide, plastic, fish bones, paper plates, plastic bags, and dirt.

6 Our method 1. Layer 1 lb. of cardboard/paper EVENLY along the bottom of your bin 2. Layer with 20 pounds of greens (lettuce, carrots, etc.) 3. Water and make sure it stays the consistency of a wet sponge 4. Put another layer of cardboard 5. Keep using this 1 to 20 ratio 6. Mix contents in bin for the first couple of weeks 7. After that start to only LAYER 8. Dig up compost from bottom

7 Where is our bin??? Our bin is located in the garden by the office near the vermi-composting bin. This is an over head view of where it is.


9 Our Website To learn more about hot composting, go to our website

10 THANK YOU!!!! Any questions???

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