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4-H vermicomposting A fifth-grade school enrichment program.

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1 4-H vermicomposting A fifth-grade school enrichment program

2 Lesson 6: Worm Bin Harvesting Objectives –Learn two methods of harvesting castings Review –What items are necessary for vermicomposting to take place?

3 Review: Worm Bin Contents Worms Bedding (of shredded black and white newspaper, paper bags, and cardboard Handful of soil Food scraps (eggshells, coffee grounds, fruits, and vegetables

4 Complete School Year Harvesting Place food scraps on only one side of worm bin for several weeks, which will cause most worms to move to that side of bin Repeat process for other side of bin Harvest by removing castings from other side of bin

5 Partial School Year Harvesting After 20 minutes, begin scraping off the top layer of castings Worms will continue to move away from the light, allowing you to scrape off an additional layer every 15 minutes After several rounds, you will find worms in a cluster as they continue to avoid light. Scoop up worms and gently return them to worm bin with fresh bedding Turn worm bin over onto plastic sheet in strong sunlight or a bright light. Add new moist bedding to worm bin

6 Worm Egg Cocoons While harvesting the worm bin, look for worm egg cocoons Worm cocoons are lemon- shaped and are about the size of a match head They have a shiny appearance and are light- brown in color Each worm cocoon usually produces 3 baby worms If any worm cocoons are located, place them back inside the worm bin to hatch

7 Reflection Why is it important to harvest the castings on a regular basis? What can you do to reduce the amount of waste you produce? How would you convince friends and family to reduce their waste and vermicompost?

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