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Non-veg. Ingredients: Fish- ¼ kg Red chilli- 8 Cumin seeds- 1tbsp Onion- 10 (small) Tamarind- 1 (lemon sized) Turmeric powder- ½ tbsp Salt- to taste Oil-

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Presentation on theme: "Non-veg. Ingredients: Fish- ¼ kg Red chilli- 8 Cumin seeds- 1tbsp Onion- 10 (small) Tamarind- 1 (lemon sized) Turmeric powder- ½ tbsp Salt- to taste Oil-"— Presentation transcript:

1 Non-veg

2 Ingredients: Fish- ¼ kg Red chilli- 8 Cumin seeds- 1tbsp Onion- 10 (small) Tamarind- 1 (lemon sized) Turmeric powder- ½ tbsp Salt- to taste Oil- 6 tbsp Method:  Grind the Red Chillies, Cumin Seeds, and Onion into paste using speed 5 in a small jar.  Soak Tamarind in hot water and take pulp. Mix this ground mixture with Oil, Salt, Turmeric Powder.  Keep this mixture on fire and cook for 10 min. Now add fish pieces and cook till oil floats on top and till fish becomes soft.  Remove from fire and serve hot with rice. Fish curry Serves-4

3 Ingredients: Chicken- 1 kg Coconut- 1 Onion- 1 Red chilli- 15 Pepper- ½ tbsp Cumin seeds- 3 tbsp Coriander seeds- 2 tbsp Cashew nuts- 10 Turmeric powder- ½ tsp Salt- to taste Oil- 6 tbsp Butter- 1 tbsp. Method:  Chop Onion well in medium jar by inching in pulse mode.  Grind and take the Coconut Milk. Grind Red Chillies, Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Pepper, and Cashew Nuts as a paste using speed 5 in a small jar.  Wash the Chicken and cut into small pieces. Heat oil in a pan, fry chicken with salt and turmeric till cooking of chicken is half done.  Now add little water and cook the chicken well. Fry onion, add ground masalas, coconut milk, chicken and butter, and cook for sometime till gravy gets thickened. Chicken gravy Serves-4

4 Ingredients: Mutton- ¼ kg Onion- 1 cup chopped Tomato- ½ cup chopped Cinnamon- 4 Cloves- 4 Cardamom- 4 Green chilli- 3 Poppy seeds- 2 tbsp Mutton korma Serves-4 Garlic- 5 flakes Ginger- 2 cm piece Chilli powder- 1tbsp Coriander powder- 1tbsp Curd- 250 ml Coconut- ½ cup Coriander leaves- 1 bunch Oil- 15 ml Salt- to taste Method:  Make a paste of Ginger, Garlic, Part of Onion and Tomatoes in a medium jar using speed 4 and keep aside. Paste Coconut, Green Chillies, Coriander Leaves together in the small jar. Soak mutton in curd.  Chop remaining Onion and Tomatoes by inching using pulse mode in a medium jar. Heat oil and fry Garam Masala, Poppy Seeds, Onion and Tomato well.  Add little Water, Mutton, Ginger Garlic Paste, Salt, Coconut Masala, Chilli and Coriander Powder and cook well till mutton is done. After mutton is cooked add chopped Coriander Leaves, and serve it with dosa or rice.

5 Ingredients: Hard boiled eggs- 4 Onions- 2 medium size Garlic- 6 flakes Ginger- 2 cm Red chillies- 5 to 6 Coriander seeds- 1 tbsp Cumin- 1 tbsp Egg curry Serves-4 Method:  Crush onion, garlic and ginger. Place ½ cup of coconut along with Chillies, Coriander, Cumin, Cloves and Cinnamon in the medium jar.  Run the mixer at low speed till the ingredients are crushed. Add a little water and grind to a smooth paste using high speed and remove.  Grind the remaining Coconut in medium jar with 1½ cups of water and extract the milk using speed 5. Blanch and chop the tomatoes by inching several times in pulse mode in a small jar.  Heat oil. Fry the crushed ingredients till brown. Add the masala paste and turmeric. Fry well. Add tomatoes and cook till they are reduced to pulp. Add Coconut Milk and Salt. Simmer for 2-3minutes. Peel the Eggs, cut into halves and place in the gravy.  Serve hot sprinkled with coriander leaves. This gravy is suited well with Aapam, Bread, Chapatti and Rice. Cloves- 3 Cinnamon- 4 cm piece Turmeric- ½ tsp Grated coconut- 1 ½ cup Tomatoes- 2 medium size Oil- 4 tbsp Salt- to taste Coriander leaves- 1 tbsp

6 Ingredients: Egg- 6 Onion- 1 Tomato- 3 Ginger- a small piece Garlic- 6 flakes Coconut- 1 Green chilli- 6 or 8 Coriander seeds- 2 tbsp Turmeric powder- ½ tbsp Egg cutlet gravy Serves-4 Fennel seeds- ½ tbsp Cumin seeds- ¼ tbsp Poppy seeds- 1 tbsp Grated carrot- ½ cup Roasted gram flour- ¼ cup Salt- to taste Coriander leaves- ½ bunch Ghee- 50 g Oil- 50 g Method:  Grind Ginger Garlic; Chilli into paste in a small jar using speed 4. Fry the spices and grind as a paste in medium jar with coconut using speed 5.  Whip the Egg With Salt, Grated Carrot, Flour and Chilli Paste by inching 5- 8 times in pulse mode in a big using whipping blade. Take small bowls and apply ghee on it. Fill the bowls with egg mixture and cook them in steam.  When done, keep the steamed eggs aside. Take a pan and heat oil. Fry Ginger Garlic Paste, Onion, Tomato, Ground Masalas, Chilli Paste, Salt, and Turmeric Powder for 5-10 minutes. Add 2 cups of water and cook it for 20 minutes.  Then add egg cutlets cook for 30 minutes. Sprinkle with coriander leaves and serve hot.

7 Ingredients: Chicken pieces- ½ kg Roasted gram- 1 cup Garam masala- 1 tbsp Chilli powder- 1 tbsp Salt- as required Method:  Separate the bones of the Chicken and mince them in pulse mode well by inching in big jar.  Powder all the ingredients (except soda powder) in small jar to a fine powder by grinding at low speed for about 40 sec.  Now mix the powdered ingredients, soda powder to the minced chicken and mix well and make into small balls.  Heat oil in a kadai and deep fry till golden brown. Serve with sauce or chutney. Chicken kebab Yield-20 kebabs Turmeric powder- 1 tsp Soda powder- ¼ tsp Coriander leaves- 1 cup Mint leaves- 1cup Oil- for deep-frying

8 Ingredients: Minced mutton- ¼ kg Coconut- ½ Red chilli- 5 Coriander leaves- 1 tbsp Poppy seeds- 1 tbsp Cumin seeds- ½ tbsp Cloves- 4 Method:  Chop the Onion nicely by placing the onion pieces in small jar and inching several times till completely chopped.  Make a paste of Ginger and Garlic in a small jar using low speed.  Fry Red Chillies, Cumin Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Poppy Seeds & Roasted Gram Dal in ghee and make a paste.  Grind Coconut (grated) with 1-cup water and extract milk in a big jar using speed 5 and 6.  Heat oil and fry the Spices, Onion, Ginger Garlic Paste, and the ground masala. Add Minced Mutton and Coconut Milk along with Salt and Turmeric and cook in the cooker for 25 minutes.  Now add Lemon Juice, and sauté for some more time till oil floats on top of the gravy. Serve hot. Minced mutton gravy Serves-4 Cinnamon- 1 piece Small onion- 10 Ginger- 20 g Garlic- 8 flakes Cardamom- 4 Roasted gram dal- 2 tbsp Lemon- ½ Oil- 5 tbsp

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