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Introduction to Civics Class

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1 Introduction to Civics Class

2 What is Civics? What do you think the word civics means?
What do you expect to learn in this course? Can you give examples of topics that we might discuss in this course? Why do you think it is important to study civics?

3 What is Civics? It is the study of: how public decisions are made,
issues that are important to the public, and the rights and responsibilities of citizens

4 Why Study Civics? This course will provide you with some of the tools and skills you will need to be an informed, responsible and active citizen.

5 Why are you here? To find out how the government works and what processes it uses to make decisions that affect us all To identify your personal beliefs and values on how we participate in society

6 To practice basic citizenship skills
To examine the challenges of participating in communities in which people often hold differing values To think critically about what active and responsible citizenship means to you

7 What is a “citizen”? A member of a nation/city/town who is entitled to its rights and privileges. With entitlement, however, come certain responsibilities. To be an informed citizen To be a responsible citizen To be an active citizen

8 What are some topics we will discuss during this course?
Global Conflicts Human Rights Issues Multicultural Government Democracy Political Parties Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms International Government Rules and Laws The Canadian Court System United Nations Types of Leadership Issues affecting people’s human rights in the world Decision Making Discrimination and Equality

9 “Facts” on Youth and Canadian Government
Lack of knowledge about government/politics Lack of emotional connection to country’s leaders Lack of desire to vote in federal elections

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