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Adding “Flow” to Our Writing: Transitional Words and Phrases

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1 Adding “Flow” to Our Writing: Transitional Words and Phrases

2 Consider your body paragraphs. Do you use any of these phrases?
First Second Third Lastly To begin with, To conclude, My first, second, third/last reason… One reason is…

3 Let’s PUMP UP our Writing!
These common transitional phrases do not add strength to our writing; they make our writing sound like we are listing off our ideas rather than explaining them. Good writers consider how the reader will progress through our writing by considering sturdy transitional words and phrases.

4 Purpose of Transitional Terms
Transitional words and phrases are included in the work of successful writers to help bridge and connect: Paragraphs Supporting Ideas Transitional words help your reader to follow your writing ideas

5 Where Can I Place Transitional Words and Phrases in My Writing?
Transitional words and phrases may be placed: At the beginning of paragraphs to help transition from paragraph to paragraph Inside paragraphs to help transition from one supporting detail to another Inside paragraphs to help elaborate upon supporting details

6 Watch Out for Transition Overload!
Be specific in the placement and application of your transitional words and phrases. Not every idea or sentence needs to begin with one of these terms.

7 Not All Transitional Phrases Are Equal
Transitional phrases and words are not “one size fits all” Different transitional phrases and terms belong in specific areas of writing and serve distinct jobs

8 Transitional Phrases to Indicate More Information:
In addition Additionally In fact Moreover Also Together with Equally important Similarly

9 Transitional Phrases to Indicate an Example
For example, For instance, Specifically, To demonstrate, To illustrate, Notably,

10 Transitional Phrases to a Cause/Effect Relationship
Due to ______, For For the reason that ______, Since ______, then ____ Consequently If…then As a result

11 Transitional Phrases to Compare or Contrast
Although However In comparison Likewise On the other hand

12 Transitional Phrases to Add Emphasis
Above all, Even more, More importantly,

13 Transitional Phrases to Conclude
Therefore Furthermore Altogether Overall Finally

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