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News article VS magazine article. A magazine article is a piece of nonfiction writing targeted for a specific interest group. Writers who have magazine.

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1 News article VS magazine article

2 A magazine article is a piece of nonfiction writing targeted for a specific interest group. Writers who have magazine features or articles published in a magazine enjoy the benefit of seeing their bylines and (in most cases) receiving payment for their work. Magazine publishing is a business, and it can be difficult to break in, but the first step is learning how to write a magazine article that sells.

3 The difference between a news story and a feature article - in terms of the imaginary world of Insect Media. A news story informs us succinctly that, say, another fly has been trapped in a spiderweb. The feature article explores the circumstances of the entrapment in detail: - Why do we know about the fly's character? In other words, why did it fly so perilously close to a web? - What was the lead-up to the incident? Had something provoked this risk-taking behaviour? Was the weather a factor? - What do we know about this particular spider's history as a fly killer? - Was there anything unique about the shape or location of the web? - What lessons can be taken from this tragic incident? A news reporter lays out the facts of what happened and sometimes includes reactions from affected parties. The feature writer is more forensic. They probe deeper, spending more time on the 'how' and 'why' of what happened. If they fail to go beyond the facts reported in news (and sometimes this is very difficult) they probably haven't succeeded … and probably won't be published.

4 By the way, both styles of writing are good skills for life whether you're a journalist or not. News articles answer who, what, when, where, why and how. This means that the article answers the question: 1.Who was involved. 2. What happened. 3. When the event occurred. 4. Where the event happened. 5. Why the event happened. 6. How the event occurred.

5 A feature article is much more creative. It also tells about a news event, however in the beginning of the article there is a smaller creative story leading in to the main story that article addresses. A newspaper article is where you discuss about what happened and what people said and then you add a conclusion, while a feature article has a cover story and then follows on in the magazine. it has quotes and endures picture and a big heading, so get artistic and make it flashy and noticable.



8 Write your own magazine article 1)Formulate an idea. Many beginning writers adopt the well-known writer's premise to "write what you know.“ 2)Give your idea an angle. The angle of an article has to do with the way the topic is approached. For example, New Year's resolutions have been written about many, times, but give the idea a fresh angle - such as using social networking to succeed at keeping resolutions - and you might make a sale.

9 3) Identify your market. This is a the time to do market research.Read several issues of a magazine that is a potential market. Get a feel for the types of magazine features and the style. Can you slant your idea for a publication's audience? An article idea can be slanted for different types of magazines based upon the audience and your approach. Once you have identified markets, check the magazine's web site for writer's guidelines.

10 4) Create an outline. No, it doesn't have to be like what your sixth grade English teach taught you to do with Roman numerals. Think of an outline as an organizational map to your magazine article.Freelance writers find that most nonfiction writing lends itself to sections. Go ahead and write catchy subheadings for these sections.

11 5) Grab the reader's attention with a dynamite opening paragraph. This is called your lead, and it's the most important paragraph of a magazine article. If the first paragraph doesn't convince a reader to keep reading, then you're sunk.Immediately after catching a reader's attention, make certain the point of the article or the theme is evident.

12 6) Proceed with writing the body of the text, with or without the lead. If you've tried unsuccessfully to come up with a fantastic lead, set it aside for a while and write the article. You might be surprised to find that your lead will come to you later.Keep the theme in mind as you write the body of the article. Everything you write should support the theme.

13 7) Compose the conclusion. Next to the lead, the conclusion is most important. The ending of a magazine feature should bring the piece to a satisfying resolution for the reader.You might return to your opening paragraph so that you come full circle. Some conclusions summarize the main points or leave readers with an anecdote that illustrates the theme.

14 8) Revise your article until it's ready for submission. Although spelling and grammar are important, look at the content as well.

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