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ANIMAL SHELTERS IN POLAND. General information - 2013 Veterinarian received reports about one hundred seventy-four (174) animal shelters, of which seventy-five.

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2 General information - 2013 Veterinarian received reports about one hundred seventy-four (174) animal shelters, of which seventy-five (75) were only for dogs, ninety-eight (98) were for dogs and cats, and one (1) was for horses. Compared to the data from 2012, the number of shelters increased by thirteen (13) new shelters.

3 The number of animals accepted - 2013 In 2013 in animal shelters were: 106267 dogs 27480 cats 123 horses In comparison with the last period of the study, there was a slight increase in the percentage of dogs kept in animal shelters about 728 species, while significantly increasing the percentage of cats living in shelters for 5648.

4 Number of animals stayed in shelters in 2007-2013 (data for horses since 2009)

5 Animal adoptions From the analysis of the number of animals stayed in shelters results that the main problem is still overflown shelters. Although in 2013 thirteen new shelters for animals were established, the number of abandoned animals that come to shelters was much higher than the number of animals adopted. In 2013, the number of adopted dogs decreased, and in cats remained stable.

6 The number of dogs adopted in relation to the living in shelters in the years 2005-2013

7 Euthanasia and death of animals Analyzing the scale of death animals in shelters has dropped the death of dogs, both dead and euthanized dogs. In contrast, increased the percentage of dead cats living in shelters but decreased the percentage of cats euthanized.

8 The number of dogs that were euthanized or died

9 The number of cats that were euthanized or died

10 Castration of animals in shelters In recent years, researchers have observed a slow increase in the percentage of castration and sterilization of animals housed in shelters. Deprivation of reproductive ability of homeless animals is one of the best methods of controlling the population and homelessness animals. In many shelters, treatments hasn’t been implemented because the shelters don’t have the funds for this purpose, which may be indicative of poor management of shelters in this area.

11 In 2013 was sterilized and castrated 23761 dogs and 9539 cats

12 Famous people help animal shelters In Poland a lot of actors, singers and politicians help financially animals. Celebrities encourage people, pay attention to this problem, make it interesting. Most people involved in the protection of animals, oppose wearing fur, fight for the rights of the defenseless pets.

13 CURIOSITY! Over 100 thousand dogs annually go to the shelters. All eagerly wait for a happy home. Polish celebrities have decided to change the fate of the animals. Since March 2015 Polish television shows a programme - "Adopt me." In this program, the stars show how to take care of the adopted pets.

14 Examples of animal shelters in Poland

15 Shelter in Warsaw,,PALUCH” Warsaw Animal Shelter was established in 1953. In 2004, old parts were renovated, all runs were enriched in the roofs, and in addition 200 boxes for 350 animals were built. In 2006, after modernization has been completed, the shelter has entered a new phase of activity. It had about 1,800 dogs and 200 cats. "Thumb" is the largest of its kind in Poland and probably in Europe.



18 Shelter in Puławy Shelter for homeless animals in Puławy was established in 1998. The owner of the shelter is Pulawy Town Hall. The hostel provides places for about 55 dogs. It has come in boxes of pens inside the pavilion, and free-standing shack.

19 PROPERTY HAS: - A separate box for sick animals - A box for animals under observation - A storeroom



22 Shelter in Lublin The shelter was built and financed by the City of Lublin in 2007. The hostel provides veterinary care to animals imported. Here arrive animals from traffic accidents, ill, victims of human violence. Pets are welcome to shelter after undergoing a 2-week quarantine and observation. At that time, the animals lost, who came to the shelter waiting for the owner. After two weeks the animals become the property of the shelter, they are sterilized and labeling (dogs are chipped, cats by marking an ear).



25 The shelter in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki Friends of the Foundation of the Friars Minor was established on 3 December 2010 in order to assist homeless people hurt by dogs. Initially, the Foundation worked in small rooms where there were a few dogs. Dogs received the necessary veterinary help. The dogs were vaccinated and castrated. All of them were new, loving homes. Each year the needy dogs were coming.


27 The shelter in Kętrzyn The basic tasks Animal Shelters: -Providing animals staying in the hostel proper conditions consistent with their basic needs and proper veterinary care, - permanent and periodic capture stray animals from the city. Trapped animals should be placed in a Shelter Animal Pudwągach, cooperation with the District Veterinary Officer in the fight against rabies and other contagious animal diseases, - give animal owners or those who wish to have a pet



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