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Sexual Education: Teen Pregnancy Florence E.Conover Senior Project 2009-2010.

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1 Sexual Education: Teen Pregnancy Florence E.Conover Senior Project 2009-2010

2 The Stressful Things The most stressful thing that goes on in a teenager’s life is when she finds out that she has less than nine months to get ready for parenthood.

3 Who here is a teenage parent or have been pregnant and/or have got someone pregnant ?

4 How many teenagers get pregnant a year ?

5 One-third of teenagers between the ages of thirteen and eighteen will or has become parents. Forty percent of young women become pregnant before they reach twenty years old.

6 When a teenager finds out that they are pregnant. They become confusion, scared, resentment, frustration and etc. They are to scared to tell their parents that they are pregnant Some teenagers deal with the pregnancy on their own by either getting an abortion without telling anyone or they will just hide the pregnancy as long as they can.

7 How should parents try to prevent a teenage pregnancy ? Parents should try to teach their children abstinence and what teenagers can gain by practicing abstinence. Parents can tell their teenagers how important it is but some teenagers do not have parents that care enough to tell them how important it is not to get pregnant

8 How do parents find out if their teen is pregnant ? Teenagers tell their friends before they tell their parents if they are pregnant, when really their parents are the first how should know. Sometimes parents don’t find out from their teenager if they are pregnant, some parents find out from other parents and some even find out from their teenagers school.

9 Reasons why teenagers shouldn’t get pregnant. Teenagers should not get pregnant because they are not financially stable to take care of themselves and a baby Pregnant teens will have to go through a full pregnancy which may not go so well that may have many complications. Teenage parents will be overwhelmed with things like home, school and their child.

10 What is Abstinence ? Abstinence is the number one safe way of preventing pregnancy with no outbreak of any type of side effects. Its a hundred percent effective with preventing pregnancy and getting STDs.

11 What is an STD {Sexually Transmitted Disease } Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are diseases and/or infections that you can get from having sex with someone who has been infected with the infection.

12 Some types of STD’s Chlamydia Gonorrhea Herpes Simplex Crabs or Pubic Lice HIV/AIDS HPV Syphilis Molluscum contagiosum

13 How should Teens keep themselves protected ? Teens should use condoms or a type of birth control The most safest way to avoid pregnancy all together is: Abstinence

14 School on Sex ED Schools have made pregnancy a topic in health educational classes in high school, middle school and even intermediate schools as young as kids in the fourth grade.

15 What is the Government doing ? The government has become more involved in the past ten years due to the lack of the above issues. Teaching programs has included: Health Ed. concerning sexual behavior and responsibility but how can the government compete with teenage peer pressure to have sex and the myths of chance taking of unprotected sex following into pregnancy

16 Who asked the government ?? The proposal was brought to the government attention by the BCAP (Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice) Future initiatives along these links would greatly assist in educating young people.

17 Laws Passed The government has passed a law in March of 2009 that now lets companies show varieties of birth control, condoms and STD vaccines on television commercials. Ever since the commercials have aired more and more teenagers are aware of what kind of protection there is for them to get to be protected from any kinds of pregnancy.

18 Did you know ?? As of March 26 2009 the government has decided to allow abortion clinics and other clinics to advertise condoms, birth control and of safe sex methods on television and radio commercials.

19 Public Discussion People re-evaluate their decision during sexually charged situations when really they shouldn’t think about it and they should just keep a clear head on the situation

20 How should public discussions be addressed ? Public discussion should be addressed in schools surveys show that all sexually active teenagers should use birth control or some sort of protection. They also say that teen pregnancy is something very scary that occurs often, a huge issue that some people want to take charge of and try to make lives better and easier

21 Conclusion Teenage pregnancy seems to be rising every year and something needs to be done about it. Teenagers need a reality check and need to understand the real life struggles of being a teenage parent and they need to see the cost of it isn’t cheap either. Becoming a teenage parent makes majority of the parents grow up and mature and even become a better person.

22 Always Remember !! Be safe when having sex It ok to wait If pregnant or if you become pregnant don’t be afraid to talk with and adult or teacher about it Get tested at least every 6 –12 months

23 Questions ?? Comments or Concerns


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