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1 Example of How Bus Stop Inventory is Used and Issues are Addressed.

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1 1 Example of How Bus Stop Inventory is Used and Issues are Addressed

2 2 Key Characteristics of 30s Line High ridership of more than 20,000 passengers per day. Frequent services with headway of 3 to 6 minutes in peak hours. Routes up to 14 miles long. 277 bus stops. Connects major local, regional and national activity centers 130+ traffic signals along routes. Traffic and detours at Anacostia River, Downtown and Georgetown. Regional line with existing service cost of $15 million annually.

3 3 Comprehensive, multi-departmental review of services and operations impacting customer experience. Conducted community-based survey and design charrette process. Recommended integrated set of strategies to respond to consumer needs, minimize costs and enhance line effectiveness and performance. Developed a coordinated and phased implementation strategy in close coordination with DDOT staff. Public Involvement and Study Process

4 4 Top Three Issues Bus bunching Schedule adherence Crowding on buses Other Key Issues Long travel times Stop conditions Safety and security Customer information Recommendations Keep some end-to-end local routes Add new limited-stop services Create neighborhood connectors Improve reliability and travel times Key Issues Identified by Study and Outreach

5 5 Service Recommendations – Combined Service Plan

6 6 Corridor Development Projects Sixteenth Street Line S1,2,4 Leesburg Pike Line 28A,B,F,G,T Veirs Mill Road Line Q2 Comprehensive operations analysis and specific recommendations for implementation of reorganized service plan. Service Evaluation Projects Washington Blvd - Oakton Line 2A,B,C,G,W Sibley Hospital – Stadium Armory Line D1,3,6 Prince Georges - Langley Park Line F8 MetroExtra 79 Evaluation Study Single service evaluation and strategic recommendations for improvements. Next Corridors for Study and Public Input

7 7 Service Guideline Reports Metrobus Bus Stop Guidelines Report Bus Stop Information Report Regional Metrobus Service Guidelines Report Other Study Projects Traffic Management Systems Study On-Street Bus Terminal Concepts Study BRAC Service Strategies Study DC Neighborhood Bus Circulation Study New Policy Studies

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