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A Sound of THunder By Ray Bradbury.

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1 A Sound of THunder By Ray Bradbury

2 What is the domino effect?
Question: What is the domino effect?

3 Instructions POINTS: Four points per question, total 56
On the following three slides are three sets of questions. The first are basic RECALL—tell what happened in the story. The third are INTERPRETIVE—questions which ask you to interpret events and give your opinion. The third are EVALUATE AND CONNECT—questions that ask you to evaluate the story and make connections from it to other ideas. Please answer the questions using complete sentences and thorough and thoughtful answers. POINTS: Four points per question, total 56 DUE: Tuesday, November 17th at the beginning of class

4 RECALL Why has Eckels come to the Time Safari office? What does he plan to do? Describe what happens after the party enters the Machine. Summarize the rules the hunters are told to follow and the reasons Travis gives for those rules. How does Eckels react when the T-Rex appears? Briefly describe what he and the other men do. What do the men discover when they return from their trip?

5 interpret What do you think might be so appealing about the service Time Safari offers? What feelings does Eckels experience during his first journey in the Machine? Use evidence to support your answer. How might the “domino effect” be applied to Travis’s explanation for Time Safari’s rules? In your opinion, why do Eckels and the other men react the way they do when the T-Rex appears? Why do you think Eckels and Travis are so dismayed by the changes they find on their return? Explain your answer.

6 Evaluate and connect Within the fictional (made-up) world that Bradbury has created, do events seem to occur in a logical, predictable way? Support your answer with specific examples from the story. Considering how risky the activities of Time Safari are, what reasons might the company have for staying in business? Identify at least three metaphors the author used to describe the T-rex. What two things are being compared in each metaphor? How do these metaphors help you visualize the monster? If it were possible to travel to the past in order to change the future, what might you want to change? Why?

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