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EU funding: All you need to know (in 20 minutes!) Andy Smith UWE, 23 November 2007.

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1 EU funding: All you need to know (in 20 minutes!) Andy Smith UWE, 23 November 2007

2 Science and Technology Facilities Council Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Economic and Social Research Council Medical Research Council Natural Environment Research Council Arts and Humanities Research Council UK Research Office

3 UKRO Services Include: - Website with information on programmes, FAQs and Guidance - Information services – email updates (& searchable database) - Enquiry service - Annual visit from an UKRO European Advisor - Specialist training courses and information events - Annual conference for European officers - Meeting room in Brussels - Monthly publication - British Council ‘European RTD Insight’ - National Contact Point (Marie Curie and ERC)

4 Why get involved? “It’s our money and we want it back!” Why get involved with EU Funding

5 Benefits of EU Engagement EU Programmes An ‘alternative’ source of University financing? A way to boost RAE score? A top-up to existing activities? Capacity building – staff/ infrastructure? An opportunity to explore new disciplines? Technology transfer activities? Networking of researchers/lecturers/activities? Benchmarking of international activities?

6 What EU funding streams are there?

7 Seventh Framework Programme Co-operation – Collaborative Research European Research Council Marie Curie Actions Capacities – Research Capacity Research – FP7 JRC EURATOM

8 Structure of FP7 Health Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Biotechnology Information and Communication Technologies Energy Environment (including Climate Change) Transport Socio-Economic Sciences and the Humanities Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies Security Research Infrastructures Research for the Benefit Of SMEs Regions of Knowledge Research Potential Science in Society Activities of International Co-operation Coherent Development of Policies Initial Training of researchers Lifelong Training and Career Development Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways The International Dimension Specific Actions Starting Independent Researcher Grants Advanced Investigator Grants Co-operation – collaborative research Ideas – European Research Council (ERC) Capacities Space People - Marie Curie Plus JRC and Euratom

9 CIP: Sub-areas Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme €2 166 M ICT Policy Support Programme €728 M Intelligent Energy Europe Programme €727 M Actions- Access to finance (start-up and growth of SMEs) and investment in innovation activities (€1.1bn) - Creation of an environment favourable to SME cooperation (especially cross border) - All forms of innovation in enterprises - Eco-innovation (€430M) - Entrpreneurship and innovation culture - Enterprise and innovation- related economic and administrative reform - Develop a single European information space and strengthening the internal market for ICT products and services - Stimulate innovation through the wider adoption of and investment in SMEs -Develop an inclusive European information society and effective services in areas of public interest and improvement of quality of life SAVE: Energy efficiency and rational use of resources ALTENER: New and renewable resources STEER: Energy in transport Integrated actions: - to economic sectors Eco-Innovation and Involvement of SMEs Competitiveness and Innovation

10 The Culture Programme 2007-13 Main European Instrument supporting cross-border cultural co-operation Larger budget than previous programme (Culture 2000) €400 million from 2007-13 Aimed at: theatres, museums, professional associations, research centres, universities, cultural institutes, public authorities Culture

11 Public Health Programme 2003-2008 2007 Call for Proposals with budget of €353.77 million Deadline 21 May 2007 Objectives: health information, rapid reaction to health threats and health promotion through addressing health determinants: integrated approach towards protecting and improving health. As part of this integrated approach, health impact assessment of proposals under other Community policies and activities, consistency of the Community health strategy Co-funding for variety of projects research as a basis to make evidence based decisions; developing and pre-testing public health interventions; wider dissemination and implementation of an existing public health Public Health

12 Lifelong Learning Education Comenius Pre-school and school Erasmus Higher education and advanced training Leonardo da Vinci Initial and continuing VET Grundtvig Adult education Transversal programmes Policy development; Language learning; Information and communication technology (ICT); Dissemination Jean Monnet programme Jean Monnet Action; Operational grants for European Institutions; Operational grants for European Associations €7bn

13 GENERAL SERVICES European Anti-Fraud OfficePress and Communication Publications Office EurostatSecretariat General COMMUNITY POLICIES AgricultureEnterprise Joint Research Centre CompetitionEnvironment Justice and Home Affairs Economic and Financial Affairs Fisheries Regional Policy Education and CultureHealth Research Employment and Social Affairs Information Society Energy and Transport Internal Market EXTERNAL RELATIONS Development EuropeAid - Co-operation Office Humanitarian Aid Office - ECHO Enlargement External Relations Trade EU Directorates and Services

14 Final points EU Programmes EU funding is usually based on co-financing Choose your partners carefully Be clear about your objectives Understand the rules for your scheme, ie, financial reimbursement, number of participants Make the most of the support available, ie, RBI, UKRO, etc. Spend sufficient time on your proposal Is there EU added value?

15 Further information EU Programmes UKRO website: Europa website (the website of the European Union): Cordis website (for FP7): CIP website: Life Long Learning Programme: og/index_en.html og/index_en.html

16 EU funding: All you need to know (in 20 minutes!) Andy Smith UWE, 23 November 2007

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