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EU Horizon 2020 What’s New? Stephen Alexander Legal & Financial NCP

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1 EU Horizon 2020 What’s New? Stephen Alexander Legal & Financial NCP
H2020UK National Contact Points National Contact Points are a Technology Strategy Board Resource to assist UK Business in engaging with EU RTD & Innovation Funding opportunities

2 FP7 2007-2013 ~ €52b Cooperation 32,413 M€ Capacities 4,097 M€
Ideas 7,510 People 4,750 M€ Capacities 4,097 M€

3 Co-operation programme: budget breakdown

4 Europe 2020 priorities Horizon 2020 – objectives & structure
International cooperation European Research Area Shared objectives and principles Tackling Societal Challenges Health, demographic change and wellbeing Food security and the bio-based economy Secure, clean and efficient energy Smart, green and integrated transport Climate action, resource efficiency, including raw materials Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies Secure societies Creating Industrial Leadership and Competitive Framework Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Nanotech. Materials, Manf. & Processing Biotechnology Space Access to risk finance Innovation in SMEs Excellence in the Science Base Frontier research (ERC) Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Skills and career development (Marie Curie) Research infrastructures Simplified access Coherent with other EU and MS actions Common rules, toolkit of funding schemes

5 Budget distribution

6 H2020 Changes 1. A new structure and focus Only one Specific Programme
3 main pillars More focus on societal challenges rather than specific Technologies More focus on innovation, closer-to-market activities More cross-cutting activities 2. New programming cycle Three year strategic programming, cutting across all pillars This drives 12 focus areas food security, health care, green energy, security....) Encapsulated in two-year work programmes and related funding opportunities

7 Funding opportunities in Horizon 2020
Some are broadly similar to FP7 and recognisable ERC, MSC, FET, infrastructures Technology ‘Themes’ in LEIT – ICT, NMP, Space, Biotechnology But: Big focus (& budget) in societal challenges Shift in TRLs in LEIT (as well as societal challenges)

8 Rules for Participation: what’s new?
PARTICIPATION PROCESSES SIMILAR TO FP7 Workprogrammes, calls, proposals, evaluation, grant – BUT... SIMPLE & UNIFORM EVALUATION CRITERIA Excellence – Impact – Implementation Proposals evaluated ‘as-is’ – no more ‘negotiations’ Compressed grant preparation period could impact Consortium agreement timescales? MARIE CURIE REFERENCE RATES REDUCED: also impacts scale of unit costs for SME owners without a salary (i.e. only two Marie Curie reference rates, 1720 productive hours, 25% indirect costs – reimbursement lower than FP7)

9 Rules for Participation: what’s new?
AUDIT CERTIFICATE(CFS) Only at final cost claim and Reimbursement >€325k Can be claimed as ‘other’ direct cost (not subcontract) LARGE RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE COSTS Overhead costs for large research infrastructures claimed as ‘direct’ Methodology and inspection required TRAC costings could be basis for this? LESS INPUT ON PROPOSAL IDEAS FROM COMMISSION OFFICERS No formal ‘pre-proposal’ check as in ICT

10 Potential traps for academia!
THE INNOVATION FOCUS, TRL SHIFT, INDUSTRY INVOLVEMENT Potentially different style of proposal ‘Impact’ is increasingly important Industrial and SME involvement, but... Potential conflict between academic and industry interests? MULTIDISCIPLINARY Wider agenda for projects Will come into evaluation SMEs AND GENDER ISSUES INCREASINGLY IMPORTANT May be used where required in tie-breaking for projects on same score

11 UK National Contact Point (NCP) structure

12 UK wider support H2020 NCPs More resource
Taken in-house by Technology Strategy Board Greater integration with Lead Technologists, KTNs, EENs Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTNs) Reformed as single ‘KTN Ltd’ The industry outreach mechanism for TSB Some offices already established, cross-cutting function Enterprise Europe Network (EENs) TSB bidding for EENs in English regions UKRO?

13 FP7UK National Contact Points
Advice and Assistance: FP7UK National Contact Points Stephen Alexander Legal & Financial NCP Phone: UK Website: EU Website:

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