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IEEE 802.15.1 WPAN™ Press Kit January 19, 2001 About IEEE l The IEEE ("eye-triple-E"), The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., helps.

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2 IEEE 802.15.1 WPAN™ Press Kit January 19, 2001

3 About IEEE l The IEEE ("eye-triple-E"), The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., helps advance global prosperity by promoting the engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge about electrical and information technologies and sciences for the benefit of humanity and the profession.

4 IEEE l IEEE Established in 1884 (AIEE & IRE) l IEEE September 2000 Membership was 368,225; 66% USA & 33% Non-USA l IEEE produces 30 percent of the world's published literature in electrical engineering, computers and control technology, l IEEE holds annually more than 300 major conferences and l IEEE has more than 800 active standards with 700 under development.

5 IEEE-SA l l IEEE-SA now has a total of 5,969 members. l l IEEE-SA standards production has a run-rate of about 75 standards per year, a typical year. l l IEEE-SA electronic balloting is becoming more accepted and there was discussion of making electronic balloting either mandatory or the default method. l l IEEE-SA is working a MoU with the ITU-R that will facilitate the exchange of technical information and the cross- referencing of each others work. This signals both the importance of IEEE standards work in the field of wireless communications and the importance of communication standards in the IEEE. l l Europe's ETSI and the IEEE are expanding cooperation under their existing MoU to: 802.11a/HiperLAN2 at 5 GHz and 802.16/ETSI-BRAN for fixed wireless.


7 IEEE 802 Local and Metropolitan Area Network Standards Committee l Accredited by ANSI, Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society l Ethernet, Token Ring, Wireless, Cable Modem Standards l Bridging, VLAN, Security Upper Layer Standards l Meets three times per year (500 individuals, 15% non-US) l Develops equivalent IEC/ISO JTC 1 standards l JTC 1 series of equivalent standards are known as ISO 8802-nnn l IEEE 802 web site at l Chair: Jim Carlo ( PHONE:1-214- 693-1776 (Cellular) Source: Jim Carlo 6Nov00 [min06112000a.pdf]

8 Goals of IEEE 802 l Enable IEEE 802 to develop consensus standards that benefits the World Wide Networked Society. l Maintain the imperative principals of due process, consensus,openness, balance and rights of appeal. l Electronic distribution of standards. Source: Jim Carlo 6Nov00 [min06112000a.pdf]

9 IEEE 802 Organization Sponsor Executive Committee (SEC) HIBERNATION 802.2 LLC (Dave Carlson) 802.4 Token Bus (Paul Eastman) 802.7 Broadband TAG (P Nikolich) 802.10 Security (Ken Alonge) DISBANDED 802.8 Fiber Optic TAG (C. Benson) 802.14 CATV (Robert Russell) 802.5 Token Ring (Bob Love*) 802.6 DQDB (Jim Mollenauer) 802.9 ISLAN (D. Vaman) 802.12 Demand Priority (Pat Thaler) * SEC Voting Member until Mar2001 ** Effective after PAR approval by StdBd(7Dec/2000) Source: Jim Carlo 6Nov00 [min06112000a.pdf]

10 IEEE 802 Family 802.10 SECURITY 802 OVERVIEW & ARCHITECTURE 802.1 MANAGEMENT 802.2 LOGICAL LINK CONTROL 802.1 BRIDGING 802.9 MAC 802.9 PHY 802.11 MAC 802.11 PHY 802.12 MAC 802.12 PHY 802.15 MAC 802.15 PHY 802.3 MAC 802.3 PHY 802.4 MAC 802.4 PHY 802.5 MAC 802.5 PHY 802.6 MAC 802.6 PHY DATA LINK LAYER PHY LAYER 802.16 MAC 802.16 PHY Source: IEEE Std 802.15.1-[2001] Draft 0.8 802.17 MAC 802.17 PHY

11 Network Area Definitions l WAN (Wide Area Network) l WANs interconnect facilities in different parts of a country or of the world l MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) l MANs shall be capable of operating over an area up to 50 Km in diameter l LAN (Local Area Network) l LANs shall be capable of supporting segments at least 100 meters in length. LANs composed of segments connected by physical layer inter-networking devices, shall be capable of operating over a physical medium that is at least 2 Km in length. l PAN (Personal Area Network) l PANs shall be capable of supporting segments at least 10 meters in length.

12 Network Area Definitions Abstracted WAN WAN-MAN MAN Pico-Cell MAN-LAN PAN LAN-PAN 0km~50km~2km ~10m Personal Operating Space

13 802.15 WPANs™ l 802.15.1 (Standard) l Bluetooth™-WPAN™ derivative in WG Draft Ballot l 802.15.2 (Recommended Practice) l Coexistence MAC & PHY Modeling l 802.15.3 (Standard) l WPAN-HR, High Rate >20Mbps commenced Draft l 802.15.4 (Standard) l WPAN-LR, Low Rate 2Kb/sec to 200Kb/sec l Publicity Committee l Provide MARCOM for above

14 802.15 WPANs™ 802.15.2 Coexistence 5GHz PHY option WPAN-HR Study Group?

15 IEEE 802.15 l Standards for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs™) l Short-range l Low Power l Low Cost l Small networks (e.g. 8-16 nodes) l Communication of devices within a Personal Operating Space

16 IEEE 802.15 Functional Chart

17 IEEE 802.15 Org Chart

18 IEEE 802.15 Process Status l Idea for standard l Find Sponsor l Submit PAR l Approve PAR l Organize Task Group l Develop draft standard l Ballot draft standard l Approve draft standard l Publish approved standard Task Group 4 Task Group 3 Task Group 2 Task Group 1

19 IEEE 802.15 Draft Status l Write scope and purpose l Examine related standards and publications l Draft outline l Fill in outline l Revise, revise, revise l Finalize document Task Group 4 Task Group 3 Task Group 2 Task Group 1

20 IEEE 802.15.1 Task Group 1 l IEEE 802.15.1 Task Group 1 is licensed to create a derivative work from the Bluetooth™ Specification v1.x l Convert to IEEE Format l Adding Service Access Points (SAPs) and Specification and Description Language (SDL) l Std ~1052 Pages & SDL Model 462 Pages l IEEE Peer Review via Letter Ballots, Comments, and Comment Resolution provides input to Bluetooth™ Errata DB and continuous improvement loop.

21 Current Balloting Planning 20002001 JJASONDJFMAMJJ Copyright Addendum Signed D JFMAM BSIG-IEEE have been discussing how IEEE would maintain a spec after accreditation. (This may determine whether the IEEE should accredit BT 1.1 or a more stable version) + Rev 1.0 B spec - FM Source 3Dec99 A SON StB 4-6Dec01 Working Group Sponsor + Rev 1.1 spec - FM Source ~16Feb01 + LB3 Failed -24May00 – 6Nov00 + SB(3) Optional -9Jul – 25Jul + LB6 Passed -01Dec – 15Dec00 + Rev 1.x specs Draft Deadline 3Aug01 Draft Deadline 26Oct01 You are here + LB(7) D0.8 Recirc. -23Feb01 – 26Mar + SB(1) -16Apr – 27May ? + SB(2) -11Jun – 26Jun StB 11-13Sep01

22 IEEE 802.15.1 Future Meetings l March 12-15, 2001 l Hilton Head, SC USA, Hilton Head Marriott Beach & Golf Resort, 802 Plenary Meeting. l March/April 2001 Ad Hoc Planned. l May 14-18, 2001 l Orlando, FL, USA, Radisson Hotel Orlando, 802.15 Interim Meeting. l May/June 2001 Ad Hoc In Discussion? l July 9-12, 2001 l Portland, OR USA, Portland Marriott, 802 Plenary Meeting. l July/August 2001 Ad Hoc In Discussion? l September 17-21, 2001 l Sydney Australia? l October 2001 Ad Hoc In Discussion? l November 12-15, 2001 l Austin, TX USA, Hyatt Regency Town Lake, 802 Plenary Meeting. l More Info: l l

23 Q&A

24 More Info l IEEE 802.15 WG for WPANs™ l l IEEE 802.15.1 TG1 l l IEEE-SA l l Bluetooth™ SIG l l

25 Ian Gifford - IEEE 802.15.1 Chair Tel: +1 978 442 4650 Dr. Chatschik Bisdikian, IEEE 802.15 Vice Chair Tel: +1 914 784 7439 Thomas Siep, IEEE 802.15 Editor-in-Chief Tel: +1 214 480 6786 Francis Truntzer, Bluetooth SIG Chair (Acting) Tel: +1 408 765 5989 James Kardach, Bluetooth SIG Chair Tel: +1 408 765 4469 Jim Carlo, IEEE802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee, Chair Tel: +1 214 693 1776 (Cellular) Susan Tatiner, IEEE-SA Director Standards Publishing Programs Tel: +1 732 562 3830 Contact Information

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