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PISD Spanish Immersion Parent Information Meeting Spring 2014.

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1 PISD Spanish Immersion Parent Information Meeting Spring 2014

2 Agenda Brief History of Bilingual Education What is Spanish Immersion (SI)? PISD SI Program Overview –Eligibility criteria –Program design –Language of instruction Application Process

3 Brief History of Bilingual Education Bilingual education offers the opportunity for students to learn core content in two languages. Bilingual education dates back to the 1800s in the United States. Bilingual education, in which students of two language groups learn together in a single classroom, has been correlated in the research with long-term academic gains and above-average student achievement at the middle and high school levels (Thomas & Collier, 2012)

4 Dual Language Enrichment Campuses in PISD 9 DLE elementary campuses in PISD - Caldwell Elementary- Parmer Lane Elementary - Copperfield Elementary- Spring Hill Elementary - Delco Primary- River Oaks Elementary - Dessau Elementary- Highland Park Elementary - Ruth Barron Elementary

5 Program Vision: What is Spanish Immersion? An enrichment program in which … –non-Spanish speaking students participate in content instruction that is delivered in both Spanish and English –emphasis is placed on the development of bilingualism in English and Spanish –students’ linguistic and cultural awareness is raised in preparation for effective citizenship in a global society

6 PISD Spanish Immersion Program Overview Eligibility Criteria Program Design Language of Instruction

7 PISD Spanish Immersion Program: Eligibility Criteria Participants must be English-fluent students who are zoned to attend Riojas Elementary School Program entry takes place at the kindergarten level only* –2012-2013 Pilot YearKinder & 1 st –2013-2014 Year 2Kinder, 1 st, & 2 nd –2014-2015 Year 3 Kinder, 1 st, 2 nd, & 3 rd * If slots are available for entry into the first grade classroom, students may be invited to enter at the principal’s discretion

8 PISD Spanish Immersion Program Design Spanish language is taught through the content Reading and writing are introduced in Spanish & English (k-1) Instruction continues in both languages throughout the grades (2-5)

9 How is instructional time divided? Language of instruction is determined by the Pflugerville Spanish Immersion Language of Instruction Framework

10 Spanish Immersion Framework Subject Area Minimum Standard Kg1st2nd3rd4th5th LA/SS Integration * 150 Minutes * *140 Minutes *150 Minutes 20 Minutes of daily Read-aloud in EnglishA/B Week Writing Math ∆ 90 Minutes (A/B Day) PVR Science ∆ 50 Minutes (A/B Day) PVR Specials 45 Minutes * Includes 30 minutes of writing daily ** Includes 40-50 minutes of writing daily ∆ Math & Science will alternate bewtween A/B Day and use PVR Note: Daily and Common Assessments may follow Language of the day; District & State Assessments will be taken by students in English. EHR 4/2014

11 Instruction Delivery Model The model in PISD is One Teacher-Two Languages. Students will receive instruction in English and Spanish from the same teacher. These teachers must be certified and have native-like proficiency, oral and written, in both languages.

12 FAQs What if I move? I don’t speak Spanish. Is there support for me? What about homework? How do I support my child? I have an older child. May I enroll him/her in the Immersion program? I have a younger child. Will my younger child receive priority to enroll in the Spanish Immersion program in the future?

13 SI Contract Review

14 I’m ready to enroll my child. What do I do next?

15 Application Process Attend informational meeting Review and return parent contract to Ms. Rebecek by June 9 th, 2014 If demand for slots exceeds supply, a lottery will take place.

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