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“T HE N ECKLACE ” Short Story By: Guy De Maupassant.

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1 “T HE N ECKLACE ” Short Story By: Guy De Maupassant

2 S ETTING Paris, 1800s Theme: Wealth, pride, suffering Point of View: Third person

3 C HARACTERS Mathilde Loisel Married her husband because she thought he was the best she could do She wanted to be part of the higher social class Msieur Loisel Satisfied with his status Madame Forrestier Mathilde Loisel’s friend Higher class

4 P LOT Introduction: We learn about Mathilde’s unhappiness with her mediocre life. Conflict: M. Loisel (husband) brings home an invitation to a ball Mathilde is upset because she has nothing to wear.

5 R ISING A CTION Husband gives her money for a dress She wants jewelry to go with the dress. Borrows necklace from a wealthy friend She has a great time at the ball. Reality check Climax: The necklace is missing!

6 F ALLING A CTION Husband frantically looks for the necklace Borrows money He gets a second job to pay off the debt. She has to work for the first time in her life… causing her to change Ten years!

7 D ENOUEMENT Mathilde meets Mme. Forestier and tells her what has happened Forestier tells her that it was fake

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