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“The Necklace” By Guy de Maupassant.

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1 “The Necklace” By Guy de Maupassant

2 Setting: Time: late 1800’s; 10 years Place: Paris, France P.D.:
Poverty of their home vs. grandeur of her dreams. The Party

3 Plot: Madame Loisel is unhappy about her station in life
In order to appease her, Monsieur Loisel gets her invited to a party She is the belle of the ball and enjoys being so Her sorrows return when she loses the necklace she has borrowed She and her husband buy a replacement and work 10 years to pay back the debt Madame Loisel has aged before her time. She encounters Madame Forestier who tells her the necklace she borrowed was a fake.

4 Characterization: Mathilde Loisel Monsieur Loisel Madame Forestier
Attractive, no chance at reaching a high social status Anguished for the good life Longed for jewels, beautiful clothes; felt sorrow, regret and despair over what she didn’t have After the necklace is lost, she comes to know the awful life of the poverty stricken = lower class Ages hard in 10 years Monsieur Loisel Mathilde’s husband – enjoys life; comfortable with his status Sacrifices his pleasure for that of his wife’s Doesn’t enjoy the party as his wife does Loss of the necklace ages him five years, he says they must replace it Borrows and comprimises his career working two jobs in a 10 year period Madame Forestier Lends necklace to Mathilde The necklace is lost and replaced She tells mathilde that the necklace was a fake

5 Conflict and Resolution:
Man vs. AF The Loisels vs. Fate Mathilde never becomes high class but it subjected to poverty to pay a debt. Monsieur Loisel tries to make his wife happy, but finds himself paying an unnecessary debt due to the choices he makes

6 Theme: Always tell the truth Appreciate all you have
“How strange and fickle life is. How little it takes to break you!” Things are not always what they seem

7 Literary Elements & Techniques
Point of View – 3rd person omnicient Irony The borrowed necklace is fake The invitation makes Mdm. Loisel upset The new dress costs 400 francs and so would M.’s new gun

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