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Selling Clarity Enhanced Diamonds A Selling Guide From The Independent Jeweler With The Most Profitable Diamond Department In The Country.

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1 Selling Clarity Enhanced Diamonds A Selling Guide From The Independent Jeweler With The Most Profitable Diamond Department In The Country

2 We Sell By Offering The Customer Benefits And there are SO many benefits to clarity enhanced diamonds. #1 The Value A clarity enhanced diamond is priced much less than the non- enhanced option for same size, color and clarity. The type of inclusions in a diamond that respond well to treatment are ‘feathers’ and so after treatment these diamonds often look even better than the same quality in a non-enhanced diamond that might have other inclusions, such as black carbon crystals, etc. #2 The Choice In our experience with our customers, especially our female clientele, they are in this order: #1 Size #2 Color #3 Cut #4 Clarity Therefore, treating the characteristic they are least concerned with helps them to focus on the top three characteristics of importance and allows them to put more of their money in them!.

3 How Do We Sell Clarity Enhanced Diamonds To Our Customers? We educate! We demonstrate! We offer the choice!

4 Selling Techniques 1. We introduce the topic of clarity enhanced during our ‘diamond presentation’ phase of the selling process. 2. When we are discussing cut/color/clarity we talk about the various terms and we talk about the various options. 3. We tell customers that to the naked eye there is no difference in beauty between a diamond graded IF and another diamond graded S12, It’s not until the I1-I3 range that eye visible inclusions affect the beauty of the diamond. That only 20% of gem quality diamonds are S12 and above and it is this rarity that causes a diamond to exponentially increase in cost.

5 Selling Tips 4. We teach them that one way to budget for their diamond is to select what characteristics are most important. For example, let’s say color because the side-stones are G-H and size, she wants at least a 3/4ct. Great! 5. One way to put more of your budget towards those things is to consider a clarity enhanced diamond. It will have the appearance of a diamond graded anywhere between VS1-S12, but the price of an I1 diamond, allowing you to focus on the characteristics more important to you. 6. The best part of all? The lifetime guarantee. If anything should happen to reverse the treatment the diamond can be retreated at no charge. 7. We tell the customer to avoid boiling or soaking their diamond in acids/bases and to not heat it to excessive temperatures of 1200 degrees, which usually gets a Chuckle.

6 Additional Tips What we never do is ‘apologize’ for offering clarity enhanced diamonds or offer it in such a way as to make the customer think their budget is unworthy of a beautiful diamond. That is why we feel it is important to bring it up early on in the conversation as something they expect or want to see. Then, as we are showing diamonds, we can point out to them that ‘this is one of the clarity enhanced diamonds I mentioned earlier.’ We started carrying clarity enhanced diamonds in 1997 and today they make up about 70-75% of our loose diamond sales and probably 80% or more of our mounted earring sales.

7 Objections We Face Most of our customers don’t have any preconceived notions about clarity enhanced diamonds. If they do, they were put there by a competitor. We have had competitors tell customers that clarity enhanced diamonds are filled with glass, glued together, might explode, can change color in a tanning bed, and all other kinds of nonsense. The best way to overcome these objections is to laugh about it and remind the customer that if the other store had a better price or product to show them they wouldn’t have wasted time disparaging what we have to offer!

8 We know our competitor’s cannot compete with the selling price of our clarity enhanced diamonds and we love the fact that they are spending their time disparaging it and not carrying it...because it means more sales for us!! Customers are sometimes concerned that their clarity enhanced diamond will not increase in value. It is genuine diamond and therefore it has the same tendency to increase in value over time just as any diamond does. Objections We Face

9 Why Work With TEVA Diamonds? “I have been working with clarity enhanced diamonds since 1997 and I can tell you Dora, Nel, Martha and the whole TEVA team are wonderful people who will support you and your business at all times!” “They are amazing at answering calls, getting a diamond sent your way overnight and filling your needs quickly!” “They take time to make sure you have the right inventory on hand.” “If you ever have an issue with a diamond they find you a replacement diamond, no questions!” “They will upgrade any diamond you sell and give you dollar for dollar return on it. All you pay for is the difference.” “I can’t think of a better diamond vendor relationship that I have forged over 18 years in the business.”


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