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Nutrients Cycle Nutrients and Matter are continually used in an ecosystem over and over again.

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1 Nutrients Cycle Nutrients and Matter are continually used in an ecosystem over and over again.

2 Energy flows in one direction, but matter recycles

3 Nutrient Cycles Purpose: allows for the natural recycling of nutrients between living and non-living things in ecosystems Four Main Cycles Water Cycle Carbon Cycle Nitrogen Cycle Phosphorus Cycle

4 Water Cycle Clip

5 Water Cycle

6 Water Cycle -Terms to Know
Evaporation Transpiration (Evapotranspiration) Precipitation Run Off Percolation (Groundwater Seepage) Condensation Solar Energy Water Vapor (Clouds)

7 Water Cycle Main Concepts
Water evaporates from bodies of water into the atmosphere with the help of solar energy (Sun) Moisture is held in the atmosphere in the formation called clouds- condensation When the atmosphere is saturated with moisture the water is released in some form of precipitation Water is returned back down. Some empties into bodies of water, while some is absorbed (infiltration)into the Earth and some runs off land areas back into larger bodies of water

8 Carbon Cycle


10 Carbon Cycle – Terms to Know
Photosynthesis Cellular Respiration Decomposition Burning of Wood and Fossil Fuels Decomposers/Detritivores Detritus (Matter the Detritivores Use for Energy)

11 Carbon Cycle Main Concepts
Carbon enters the atmosphere through fossil fuel release, release of carbon dioxide through cellular respiration, and waste of decaying matter Carbon is then used by plants to carry out photosynthesis Dead plants and animals return back into the ground which returns carbon back to Earth. Coal and oil also have carbon which allow carbon to always be present in the Earth

12 Carbon Cycle Video Clip

13 Nitrogen Cycle


15 Nitrogen Cycle – Terms to Know
Assimilation Nitrogen-Fixation Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria Denitrification Denitrifying Bacteria Root Nodules Ammonification

16 Nitrogen Cycle Main Concepts
Nitrogen is present in the atmosphere as a natural component of air due to volcanic activity, lightning, release by algae (78%) Nitrogen is present in the soil, but must be FIXED through nitrogen fixation (denitrification, and ammonification) in order to be released into the atmosphere Nitrogen fixing bacteria allow nitrogen to be altered in the Earth so that it is taken up in plant root systems (assimilation). When organisms eat plants, the nitrogen is taken in by them and can be release back into the Earth through waste products

17 Nitrogen Cycle Animation

18 Phosphorus Cycle

19 Phosphorus - Terms to Know
Geologic Uplifting Leaching Chemical Precipitation Sedimentation Weathering Runoff

20 Phosphorus Cycle Two Overall Paths Path One (Breakdown of Rock)
Rocks release phosphous through the weathering of rock over time on land and in water (leaching) Phosphorus enters water systems in solution form Over many years the phosphorus settles at the floor of water systems and forms rock Rock may uplift after many years to expose rock which has phosphorus

21 Phosphorus Cycle Path Two- Animals
Phosphorus is locked in soil and is taken in by plant root systems Animals eat plants and take in the phosphorus When animals die, detritivores (worms) break down dead matter and release the phosphorus back into the soil. Can be used again or leached back into water systems

22 Phosphorus cycle animation

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