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2 nd Grade Animal Presentations How I Do It by Mrs. Neise.

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2 2 nd Grade Animal Presentations How I Do It by Mrs. Neise

3 Essential Questions Students will examine the essential question: How does the environment affect animals?

4 Unit Questions Students will find answers to the following unit questions: 1. What animal family does your animal belong in? 2. Describe the life cycle of your animal. 3. What does your animal eat? 4. Where does your animal live? 5. What adaptations does your animal have for living in its environment?

5 Grade Level Standards Covered Language Arts Standards 1.0 Writing Strategies 1.1 Group related ideas and maintain a consistent focus. 1.0 Listening and Speaking Strategies 1.5 Organize presentations to maintain a clear focus. 1.6 Speak clearly and at an appropriate pace for the type of communication (e.g., informal discussion, report to class). 1.9 Report on a topic with supportive facts and details.

6 Grade Level Standards Covered Life Sciences 2. Plants and animals have predictable life cycles. As a basis for understanding this concept: a. Students know that organisms reproduce offspring of their own kind and that the offspring resemble their parents and one another. b. Students know the sequential stages of life cycles are different for different animals, such as butterflies, frogs, and mice. c. Students know many characteristics of an organism are inherited from the parents. Some characteristics are caused or influenced by the environment. d. Students know there is variation among individuals of one kind within a population.

7 Preparation Step 1 – Library Students are assigned an animal and spend time finding a library book on that animal.

8 Preparation (cont.) Step 2 – Research Students fill out the research worksheet, either at home as a homework assignment or during class time. This must be completed before going to the computer lab.

9 Computer Lab Step 3 – Teaching Power Point All students should come to the lab with complete worksheets. Plan to use at least 4 computer lab sessions for completing the projects. 1.jpg

10 Computer Lab Session 1 Topics to Cover Opening Power Point Choosing a Design Template and Background Using Outline View Typing in information from worksheets Saving to the share drive

11 Computer Lab Session 2 Topics to Cover Opening a saved presentation Continue to type information into presentations Review saving a presentation

12 Computer Lab Session 3 Topics to Cover Review opening a saved presentation Importing clip art and graphics Documentation for copyright Review saving a presentation

13 Computer Lab Session 4 Topics to Cover Review opening a saved presentation Slide and text transitions Review saving a presentation

14 Presentations Students will give an oral presentation with the aid of their prepared Power Point slide show.

15 You Can Do It!!!!! 2 nd graders are capable of doing this type of presentation with just a little support. Teaching with technology meets the needs of a diverse student population. Students are engaged in learning!

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