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How to write so people will agree with you.

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1 How to write so people will agree with you.
Persuasive Writing How to write so people will agree with you.

2 Elements of Persuasive Texts
 The issue is the idea that you are writing about.  The point of view is your opinion about the issue.  The evidence is the reasons you are using to support your argument.  The examples provide support and help to illustrate the reasons.

3 Choosing a topic Why I should have a pet
School uniforms are a bad idea Kids should be allowed to drive Fast food is good for you Soccer is better than baseball Recess should be longer Schools don’t need a dress code The school day should be shorter Gum should be allowed in school

4 Thinking about your topic
one way to explore your ideas is to first consider the different sides of the issue. Think aloud and record one or two reasons for and one or two reasons against the issue from the information that you already know.

5 TV is bad for kids Reasons FOR the issue: Reasons AGAINST the issue:
They sit around and don’t exercise leading to obesity There is a lot of violence and inappropriate stuff on tv Reasons AGAINST the issue: There are a lot of excellent learning shows

6 Write your outline Introduction – State your point of view – tell what you are going to prove with your essay and why it is important. Begin with a great lead sentence. Body (middle) Two paragraphs – each one has a fact and/or example to support your point of view. Body (continued) One paragraph that gives a reason someone might disagree with you – and why they are wrong (dispute the counteragument) Conclusion - restates your point of view.

7 Lets talk about the counterargument
A counterargument has three parts: 1. Counterclaim: Some people feel that sharks are bloodthirsty predators. 2. Evidence: About thirty species of sharks are known to attack humans. 3. Discrediting this evidence by providing other evidence: However, there are a total of over 350 kinds of sharks! That means that for the 30 species that may have attacked humans, there are at least 30 others that haven’t! Yet we lump all sharks into this “bloodthirsty” image.

8 Writing your introduction – ideas for a lead sentence:
•  State both sides of the issue, and make it clear which side you support.  Begin with a quote or anecdote that draws the reader in right from the start.  Ask a thought-provoking question to get the reader thinking about the issue.  State an interesting statistic or fact.

9 Tips to persuade To help sway people to your side – you can use these ideas:

10 Research Using reliable research can help your argument seem important. Example: A recent study found that students who watch TV during the week don’t do as well in school.

11 Getting people to feel happy, sad, or angry can help your argument.
Example: Your donation might just get this puppy off the street and into a good home.

12 Try to convince your audience that this issue is time sensitive.
Example: Greenhouse gases are melting our polar caps so fast that we have to act now!

13 Words and phrases to use:
• Although some people believe _____, it may actually be argued that _____. • Some people feel that _____. In reality, however, _____. • Despite _____, I want to argue that _____. • While it may be true that _____, the real point to consider is that _____. • Even though most people don’t see _____, I want to suggest _____.

14 Words that persuade  Important  Best  Effective  Strong reason
 Deserve  Practical  Benefits  Perfect solution  If …, then …

15 Words to list reasons and show sequence:
 First, …, First of all, …, To begin with, …  Second, …, Secondly, …, In addition, …, Next, …, Then, …  Lastly, …, Finally, …, Most of all …

16 Words to add information or examples:
 For example, …, For instance, …, In order to …  In addition, …, Another, …, Besides, …, Together with, …, Along with, …  Let’s not forget, …, Let’s remember, …, Finally, …

17 Words to emphasize a point:
 As I just mentioned, …  For this reason, …, In fact, …  Surprisingly, …, Again, …

18 Words for your counterargument
• Begin with a counterclaim:  It might seem that …  Some people might think …  Of course … • Provide evidence that supports this claim. • Discredit this evidence by providing other evidence:  Nevertheless …  But …  However …  Despite this …

19 Words to summarize your point of view (for your conclusion):
 Please consider/reconsider …  In conclusion, …  Remember, …  This is important because …

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