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California International Education Foundation We are a non-profit foundation that provides programs, workshops, public lectures, and scholarships designed.

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2 California International Education Foundation We are a non-profit foundation that provides programs, workshops, public lectures, and scholarships designed to enhance innovation and creativity among students, faculty, and professional practitioners

3 Founder and President: David Unruh, Ph.D. Thirty years of experience in program development and international education at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He has developed countless innovative courses, programs, and initiatives for undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals in the U.S. and abroad.

4 Our programs must meet your needs 1. We listen to the needs of the institutions, students, and faculty 1. Your interests and needs are matched with the remarkable educational, cultural, and environmental resources in California 2. You will be exposed to the very best and most innovative educational and corporate leaders in California 3. Every event, excursion, and lecture is intended to facilitate the development of innovation and creativity

5 Beijing Institute for Graphic Communication 1. Produces high level professionals for media and communication positions 2. Faculty are accomplished and noteworthy experts in their field who are also creative and innovative artists and technologists 3. The study abroad program must provide students continuity for their studies, as well as exposure to a variety of educational, artistic, cultural, and corporate resources for their growth 4. The Los Angeles-based study abroad program should provide a richness and depth of experience that is unavailable elsewhere

6 “ Spring Festival ” Program for BIGC Students 1. Students arrive in Los Angeles on January 19 and return to Beijing February 6th 2. 19 day program with students living in a suite hotel or college residence hall; breakfast will be provided 3. The program will be “ on the go ” with excursions and lectures (or briefings) nearly every day. 4. Extraordinarily rich in content and experience

7 Educational Institutions In-depth tours and presentations by faculty at a number of Southern California colleges and universities on issues of interest to BIGC students

8 University of California, Los Angeles – UCLA One of the top public universities – offering graduate programs in design, art, theatre, film and television. A leader in the study of art- science

9 California Institute of the Arts – CalArts Established by the Disney family – CalArts specializes in developing professionals in the visual, performing, media, and literary arts

10 Southern California Institute of Architecture SCI-ARC One of the most avant-garde architecture schools with a reputation for pushing the boundaries of academic study

11 Art Center College of Design Best known for programs in automobile, product, and entertainment design. Also offers photography, advertising, graphic design, and illustration

12 OTIS School of Design Otis is a creative community of artists, designers, and students working together in Los Angeles, a world center of cultural production

13 University of Southern California – USC One of the top private universities in the country – includes graduate programs in art, communication, media, film and theatre

14 Arts and Entertainment Institutions Behind the scenes tours of world-class cultural and entertainment organizations. Presentations by scholars and practitioners in the field

15 The Getty Center J. Paul Getty trust is the richest art institution in the world – $5.6B USD

16 Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) The museum is one of the largest in the country. It’s collections span the history of art from ancient times to the present

17 Hollywood Hollywood is a place and a “state of mind.” It is an area rich in history and continues to be one of the most interesting and vital parts of the city

18 Disneyland 16M people visit Disneyland each year. It represents and idealized view of American life, history and culture.

19 Universal Studios University Studios Hollywood is both a theme park and a movie studio. It is often advertised as “The Coolest Place in LA”

20 Media and Technology Los Angeles and Southern California is home to many entertainment and media organizations that are changing the way people work and play

21 Workshops and Lectures The program includes daily updates, lectures, and presentations so that participants have a better understanding of the excursions

22 Creativity and Innovation All excursions and lectures will focus on how people and organizations develop new ideas and how they bring them to the marketplace

23 Presentation Skills Creative and innovative people face the challenge of presenting their work to others. We provide workshops, lectures, and discussions on how to present ideas

24 Art and Science Scientists and artist tend to work is isolation of one another. We help people understand how art and science should be brought together

25 History of California and Los Angeles The State of California and the City of Los Angeles have the most ethnic diversity of any region in the U.S. and the world. Our excursions and lectures will help explain why

26 Urban Planning What is the future of Los Angeles and the State of California? The excursions and lectures will help explore the future of our area

27 Program Fee and Expenses

28 Program Fee is $4,790 USD 1.Does not include round trip Beijing to Los Angeles airfare 2.Fee includes admission fees to Universal Studios and Disneyland 3.Fee includes airport pickup and drop off, all program excursions, and any planned shopping trips 4.Shuttle bus transportation for all excursions, including a shopping excursion as determined by the students

29 Program Fee also includes... 5.Interaction with Chinese graduate students at UCLA, USC and other local institutions 6.Advising and consultation on studying in the U.S. and how to apply to graduate or professional school 7.Suites hotel (3 students per room) with free breakfast, late afternoon drinks and snacks, indoor pool, hot tub, spa, and gym. Many low cost restaurants nearby

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