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Mobile Apps The current state of Telecom apps and GPC’s potential future.

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1 Mobile Apps The current state of Telecom apps and GPC’s potential future

2 State of Mobile Apps  Large Cable Companies have been in the mobile space an average of 1-2 years  Smaller cable companies are just now beginning to launch mobile apps  Most focus on account management or mobile Cable viewing  This is complicated by current cable licenses which don’t provide outside- of-home viewing rights

3 Case Study: Comcast (Xfinity)  TV App (iOS only: iPhone, iTouch, iPad)  Search TV listings and On-Demand Offerings  Cell phone as a remote – change channels, not volume  Not always able to work on TV directly, affects the box

4 Case Study: Comcast/Xfinity  Xfinity Mobile App  One inbox for email and voicemail  View home phone logs of missed and received calls  Sync contacts to universal list

5 Case Study: Comcast (Xfinity)  is optimized for mobile viewing  Fewer words  Large graphic  Drop Down Menu  Easy access to  Weather  TV listings  Bill Pay  Distinct from the computer-based website

6 Case Study: Time Warner Cable  iPad/iPhone App allows users to view select channels online  Application crashed due to popularity  Down for several days  Had strong communication plan in place

7 Case Study: Time Warner Cable  Conditions of Online App  User must remain in the home to utilize the app  Licenses don’t allow users to view channels outside of the home  Users are verified by using registered in-home router  Channels available (100 channels available)  Travel Channel  Turner Classic Movies  Cartoon Network  Discovery Channel

8 Case Study: Paul Bunyan Communications  Created Video on Demand application  Internal effort  Allows users to view VoD options  Doesn’t allow purchase  Application is adding trailers for streaming in the near future  Licensing doesn’t allow for mobile viewing  Reached out to application’s maker, will be able to use as a resource

9 Key Takeaways  Comcast built its applications around customer needs  The main needs of our customers  Bill Pay  Account Management  Email Access  Time Warner built a wildly successful applications around customer wants  The main wants we can provide for our customers  Tutorials  Local Content  Husker Coverage (pending review of licensing agreements)

10 Mobile Web  According to IT, the first step should focus on Mobile Web  Two types of mobile web  Shadow version that mirrors the current website  Mobile focused version with top pages only  Easier to navigate  Provides one-step access for most used tools  Webmail  eBill  Adam is working with the portal provider to explore options for mobile version  Currently the mobile version doesn’t include links to webmail or eBill  Only local links

11 Mobile Applications  NISC has rolled out mobile applications for utilities  The company expects to have mobile applications for eBill and other services for cable companies by the end of next year  Applications are more expensive to create and can average $5,000 - $20,000 for basic programs  Hard to keep up with latest versions of mobile operating systems – full time job to keep up, according to IT  Applications are seldom revenue generating

12 What Can Be Done in The Short-Term  Mobile Web with fast access to  Bill Pay  Webmail  Bundle Finder  Additional services request form  Create GPC-TV YouTube channel and promote stream-able content  Casey is researching licenses for content including high school football games

13 What Can Be Done in The Short-Term  SMS Text-Based Solutions  Customer Service  Ask-a-Tech  Text or Video chat on mobile  Estimated wait times?  Major Outage notifications  (text based)

14 Long-Term projects  Voicemail applications  Webmail/Voicemail combined in-box  Voicemail to text  Forwarding voicemail and call logs to cell phone  eBill application  GPC-TV as a stand-alone branded application  Owned programming  Tutorials  Viewing Pay-Per-View options  Data Center Services  Real time networking reports  Monitor disaster/data recovery efforts

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