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Data Structures & Agorithms Lecture-1: Introduction.

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1 Data Structures & Agorithms Lecture-1: Introduction

2 Datastructures and Algorithms 2 8/16/2015 Instructor Muhammad Nazir Email: Visiting Hours: Will be announced shortly

3 Datastructures and Algorithms 3 8/16/2015 Research Interests Areas of Interests  Algorithms  Digital Image Processing  Artificial Intelligence  Data mining & Data warehousing

4 Datastructures and Algorithms 4 8/16/2015 Never hesitate to contact with me whenever you have some problem

5 Datastructures and Algorithms 5 8/16/2015 Pre-Requisites Must have Good OOP Concepts Good programming skills Familiar with programming

6 Datastructures and Algorithms 6 8/16/2015 Books Data Structures Using C and C++ ByY. Langsam, M. J. Augenstein, A. M. Tenenbaum Data Structures and Algorithms By A. V. Aho, J. E. Hopcroft, J. D. Ullman Introductions to algorithms by Thomas H.Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein. Schaum's Outline Series, Theory and problems of Data Structures By Seymour Lipschutz Some topics will be covered from other books. Material will be provided for these topics.

7 Datastructures and Algorithms 7 8/16/2015 Projects/Homeworks submission Deadlines are always final Submission guidelines must be followed. Name your submission folder in the format RollNo_Name_HW# e.g. 123_Umar_HW#3 Submissions by email will not be accepted

8 Datastructures and Algorithms 8 8/16/2015 Dishonesty, Cheating in Quizzes, Assignments & Projects Copying material in any form (code or otherwise) is not allowed. This will still be cheating even if you try to substitute or restructure words, structures, paras. You can always discuss ways to solve problem with your colleagues however you should not copy code. Penalty can be a zero in that and one other assignment on to a penalty of an F in the course.

9 Datastructures and Algorithms 9 8/16/2015 Grading Assignments, Quizzes, Projects 12 Midterm Exam18 Final(Theory)30 Final(Practical)20 Total80

10 Datastructures and Algorithms 10 8/16/2015 Course Execution However some tutorials may be arranged occasionally Course Folder: DS-(A-B)-Spring09 Course Yahoo Group: DS-(A- B) DS-(A- B)

11 Datastructures and Algorithms 11 8/16/2015 Guidelines Read your email and messages on the course yahoo group regularly Check notice board sub folder in course folder daily Start working on projects/homeworks from first day. Remain attentive during the class. Do not sleep and ask questions. I will ask questions very often

12 Datastructures and Algorithms 12 8/16/2015 Course Contents Introduction Complexity Analysis Simple Data Types and Abstract Data Types Arrays and Lists Elementary Data Structures Stack and Queues Recursion and Time Complexity of Recursive Algorithms Trees and Graphs Set structure Searching techniques Hashing Sorting techniques

13 Datastructures and Algorithms 13 8/16/2015 What is a Computer Program? To exactly know, what is data structure? We must know:  What is a computer program? Input Some mysterious processing Output

14 Datastructures and Algorithms 14 8/16/2015 Example Data structure for storing data of students:-  Arrays  Linked Lists Issues  Space needed  Operations efficiency (Time required to complete operations) Retrieval Insertion Deletion

15 Datastructures and Algorithms 15 8/16/2015 What data structure to use? Data structures let the input and output be represented in a way that can be handled efficiently and effectively. array Linked list tree queue stack

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