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The Taiga Biome By: Brandon Bell.

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1 The Taiga Biome By: Brandon Bell

2 Location The Taiga biome is a northern biome that covers parts of Eurasia and North America Taiga is the Russian word for forest, which makes sense, because it is a forest.

3 Herbivores There are many animals in the Taiga. The herbivores, like the snowshoe rabbit, the vole, the red squirrel, and the usual red deer, elk, and moose.

4 A Vole

5 Omnivores The herbivores are hunted by the bald eagle, american black bear, bobcat, northern lynx, gray wolf, grizzly bear, long-eared owl, red fox, river otter, and wolverine.

6 Plant Life There are many trees among the taiga. Some include:
Balsam Fir Black Spruce Douglas Fir Eastern Red Cedar

7 More Plant Life Jack Pine Paper Birch Siberian Spruce White Fir
White Poplar White Spruce

8 Random Taiga Facts Taigas are the largest biomes in the world
Summer temp. is as low as 20 degrees Warm, rainy and humid summers with only snowfall in winter Boreal was the Greek goddess of the North Wind The Taiga is also known as the boreal forest Winter is as cold as -65 to 30 degrees

9 More Taiga Facts Spring and Autumn are so short, you hardly notice them go by The Taiga is susceptible to many wildfires Wildfires will burn up the trees to grow edible plants for the animals that once couldn’t live there It is bad to be there in summer, considering the millions of insects

10 Have A Good Day!!!! Thank You For Watching!!!!
This was by Brandon Bell There was a wiki source used, but I proved it correct Have A Good Day!!!!

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