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How to Leverage Skype in Call Centers David Tang – VoSKY VP of Global Marketing.

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3 How to Leverage Skype in Call Centers David Tang – VoSKY VP of Global Marketing

4 Skype Has Emerged as a Dominant VoIP Player Skype - subsidiary of auction giant eBay World’s larges VoIP Community with over 338 Million+ registered users 30% are already using Skype for Business –95% claimed to be saving money –80% claimed to be increasing productivity Over 100 billion minutes of Skype-to-Skype calls (Feb 08) 338M+ Users Can’t Be Wrong!!!

5 Why Skype? Disruptive Peer-to-Peer Technology –No single point of failure –Capacity scales with demand Market Leader in Call Quality –Leading voice engine technology with sophisticated audio processing techniques –Intelligent network routing and management techniques to reduce latency and improve call quality Seamless NAT/Firewall Traversal –Works behind a majority of NAT/firewalls without special configurations or equipments Call Security –All calls are encrypted end-to-end using 256 bit AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) “Depending on the speakerphone, Skype’s voice quality can be higher than a conventional phone” Business Week

6 How to Skype-enable a Call Center? PSTN PBX/Call Center Platform T1/E1/SIP Broadband Connection PBX to Skype Gateway

7 Skype Remote Agent Web Click2Call Global DID Skype Trunking Enhanced Skype Applications for Call Center

8 VoIP Call Center: Skype Remote Agent PSTN Remote Skype Agents Skype Remote Agent Innovative call center application that integrates Altigen’s ExtensionAnywhere™ feature with VoSKY Exchange & Skype client software Benefits Route calls for Free to remote agents via the scalable and reliable Skype VoIP network Cost-effectively add remote agents Leverage the Free Skype client for enhanced voice quality over the public Internet

9 VoIP Call Center: Web Click2Call Inbound Sales Reps Web Click2Call Web 2.0 application that seamlessly integrates a company’s Website to its Call Center solution to enable real-time communication Benefits Optimize a company’s Website for lead & sales generation Improve customer service with instant customer interaction Reduce toll free/8XX costs Click Website Visitor

10 VoIP Call Center: Skype Trunking PSTN Sales Prospects Skype Trunking Ultra cost-effective VoIP trunking solution leveraging low cost SkypePro (domestic flat rate plan) Benefits Reliable, high quality VoIP calls No contracts or setup fees Save 90%+ on US/Canada calls Outbound Telemarketers

11 VoIP Call Center: Global DID US Customer Global DID Global Direct Inward Dial (DID) solution that allow call centers to have local access numbers Benefits Enables companies to expand their market presence to target additional customers outside of their city, state or country Allows businesses to offer a convenient local access number for their customers to call Helps companies reduce their toll free/8XX telecom costs Call Center in India UK Customer


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