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Status of LAV FEE electronics G. Corradi, C. Paglia, D. Tagnani & M. Raggi, T. Spadaro, P. Valente.

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1 Status of LAV FEE electronics G. Corradi, C. Paglia, D. Tagnani & M. Raggi, T. Spadaro, P. Valente

2 Outline General LAV readout Diagram What we did in 2010 – ToT mezzanine design and production (final) – Sum analog board mezzanine (prototypes) – Low voltage regulators (prototypes) Planning for 2011 – Mother board prototypes – Production – What we needs from outside LNF

3 General readout diagram LAV TEL62

4 Front-end board (Diagram) Pre-amplifier stage Dual thr. Discriminator & shaper LVDS driver CPU Threshold control Supply control ± 6V ± 12 V CAN-Open LVDS out Analog sum out Analog sum Power supply Analog in Test pulse Trigger in Final board 32 channels VME 9U mechanics Include services: Analog sums Remote threshold Individual channel threshold control Pulsing system DAC ADC

5 Hybrid Front-end board (July 2010) 2 0 Prototype board VME 6U mechanics 8 input channels 16 output channels (8x2thr) Manual threshold control local 4 threshold by 4 channels 2 thr low 2 thr high Sum of 4 analog outputs 4 Discriminator mezzanine boards for the final prototype Sum for the final mezzanine board Successfully tested during ANTI-A2 test beam October 2010 @CERN

6 ToT mezzanine (2 channel)

7 Analog sum output One FEE boards serves 32 channels = 1 layer 32 outputs cannot all be housed on the board: (there isn’t place on the panel) sum 4 block analog signals (e.g. one “banana”) sum 4 bananas (16 channels = half a layer) Output via Coax 50 , Lemo-00 sum 4 Su sum 16 16Ch 4Ch

8 Analog sum board Power consumption V + = +6V @ I + = +12mA V - = -6V @ I - = -12mA Sums up to 4 input channels, range 0 to -2V Output signal can be inverted or non-inverted with respect to the input signals Bandwidht is 50MHz Input signals Output signals

9 Low Voltage Regulators Low Voltage regulators are used to generate +/-6V from +12/-12V LAV power rails An ultra compact, low noise buck converter, operating at 1.5MHz, generates +6V from +12V An innovative design has been used to create -6V from -12V, using a low noise switching converter, operating at 1.5MHz

10 Final LAV FEE board VME9U We already have: - Mezzanine Boards (ToT discriminators) - Sum Boards (1 “banana” or 4 blocks each) - Sum Boards (16 blocks each) - Power supply boards (+12 to +6V and -12 to -6V) We will soon have:

11 Threshold circuit Two different thresholds per channel Remotely programmable (CAN-Open) 0-250 mV range 12 bit resolution & 1 LSB stability performance (standard low-cost components, more than enough) Remotely readable via CAN-Open Easy to implement automatic threshold tuning Local trimmer adjustment 1 high and 1 low threshold for all channels

12 Front-end diagnostics Provide a test pulse toward the PMT: Can be used to check connection up to the PMT Operation modes free-running (controlled by local CPU) or on external trigger (from TEL62) pulse all channels or a programmable pattern Signal characteristics Squared waveform 10 ns fixed width 50 or 100 mV ”programmable amplitude in two steps” Width and amplitude stability at 2% level

13 Front-end diagnostics

14 FEE LAV VME9U Vth_H and Vth_L test points and adjust trimmers CAN in, CAN out USB Remote Control Local Control Sum 1 to 16 Sums 1 to 4, 5 to 8, 9 to 12, 13 to 16 Sum 1 to 16 Sums 1 to 4, 5 to 8, 9 to 12, 13 to 16 Sum 17 to 32 Sums 17 to 20, 21 to 24, 25 to 28, 29 to 32

15 15 Wiener LAV crate Voltages Module type Voltage range Channels per module Peak output Power +12VMEH7V to 16V146A550W -12VMEH7V to 16V146550W +48VMEH 30V to 60V 113.5A650W +3.3V digital MDH2V to 7V2+/-30A 210W (420W Total) +5V digital 2V to 7V +5V analog MDH2V to 7V2+/-30A 210W (420W Total) -5V analog 2V to 7V

16 16 Roadmap to synchronization run April 2011 first production: 3 Full final FEE 9U board (without final firmware release) 50 discriminator mezzanine boards 30 sum mezzanine boards 10 low voltage regulators Integrated pulse diagnostic system April 2011 is last due date to have at LNF: At least 1 LAV standard VME 9U crate At least 1 TEL62+TTC At least 4 TDCb (SCSI2 final vesion) July 2010 second bunch of FEE board production End September 2011: We expect to have a working setup FEE-TEL62-PC

17 Conclusion Main component of LAV FEE board have been produced and tested – discriminator mezzanine designed and pre-produced – Analog sum boards designed and pre-produced – Low voltage regulators designed and pre-produced The requirement for the VME 9U crate have been established – ±12V 2A per slot required by LAV FEE Layout of the 9U motherboard is under design First mass production of FEE components foreseen in 2011 – First 3 9U motherboard prototypes – Around half of discriminator and sum board mezzanine The remote control communication Firmware will be started

18 FEE Board connections InputsTypeOutputsType Power connectionVME J1 32 analog signals from LAV2xDB3764 LVDS output to TDC2xSCSI2 8 analog sums of 4 blocks8xLEMO-00 2 analog sums of 16 blocks2xLEMO-00 1 CAN OPEN IN connectionRJ111 CAN open OUT connectionRJ11 1 only for local diagnosticUSB1 only for local diagnosticUSB

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