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BY: COURTNEY MEDEIROS BME 281 11/30/11 Coronary Stents.

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1 BY: COURTNEY MEDEIROS BME 281 11/30/11 Coronary Stents

2 Coronary Artery Disease Leading cause of death in United States for men and women Caused by buildup of plaque in arteries Heart tissue is deprived of nutrients Risk factors:  Age  Gender  Genes

3 Symptoms and Tests for Coronary Artery Disease Symptoms:  Vary in strength  Chest pain  Fatigue  Shortness of breath  Weakness Tests:  ECG  Exercise Stress Test  Nuclear Stress Test  CT Scan  Coronary Angiograph

4 Coronary Angioplasty with Stents Common treatment for Coronary Artery Disease Process:  Blockage is defined through coronary angiography  Incision is made  Cardiac catheter is guided to the heart through an artery of the groin or arm  Guide wire is manipulated to lie across the blockage  Heparin is a given to thin the blood and prevent clotting  Stent balloon catheter is transported along the guide wire and is positioned over the blockage  Saline is pumped into the balloon to inflate it  Balloon is inflated for 30 to 60 seconds to expand the stent

5 Stents Expandable Mesh-like tube Invented to overcome short comings of regular coronary angioplasty Stays in artery permanently

6 Kinds of Stents Uncoated Stents  Bare metal Drug-coated Stents  Coated with Sirolimus  Controlled release of medicine into tissue  Drug limits overgrowth of natural tissue  Anti-rejection-type medicine (10% vs 26%)

7 Pros & Cons Pros  Less invasive than open heart surgery  Short procedure  Failure rate 1% Cons  Not a cure  Aggravates kidney function  Stents can’t be used in every surgery  Can be rejected by body

8 Questions?

9 Sources r r 00352/DSECTION=what%2Dyou%2Dcan%2Dexpec t 00352/DSECTION=what%2Dyou%2Dcan%2Dexpec t stent/pages/index.aspx stent/pages/index.aspx 004449/ 004449/

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