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A World of Opportunity Society of Petroleum Engineers 2014.

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1 A World of Opportunity Society of Petroleum Engineers 2014

2 SPE Mission To collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge… and to provide opportunities for professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence

3 A Brief History of SPE

4 SPE Has Grown with the Industry 1871American Institute of Mining Engineers (AIME) forms in Pennsylvania USA 1913AIME creates oil and gas committee 1957Officially founded as SPE 1985SPE incorporates separately 2007SPE celebrates 50-year anniversary 2011SPE surpasses 100,000 members worldwide 2014SPE membership grows to 124,000 +

5 SPE Vision Enable the global oil and gas E&P industry to share technical knowledge needed to meet the world’s energy needs in a safe and environmentally responsible manner

6 SPE is Unique Global not-for-profit Exists for the benefit of its members, who direct the activities of the organization The technical content for programs is developed mainly by members We are operating an organization in which the owners, workers, and customers are all the same people, SPE members

7 SPE’s Global Membership 124,000 + members in 135 countries 190 professional sections 295 student chapters

8 PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP 86,821 members In 135 countries 190 sections STUDENT MEMBERSHIP 37,707 members In 119 countries 295 chapters Membership 50% North America 16% Middle East/ South Asia 14% Europe 11% Asia Pacific 4% Africa 3% South America/ Caribbean 2% Russia and Caspian 22% North America 19% Middle East/ South Asia 12% Europe 19% Asia Pacific 9% Africa 13% South America/ Caribbean 6% Russia and Caspian

9 Technical Disciplines

10 Job Categories

11 Member Benefits Tangible JPT (monthly) Membership technical sections, geographic sections Discounts on technical papers, books, periodicals Online resources – Discounts on conferences, forums, workshops Visiting lectures by distinguished experts Intangible Leadership opportunities Networking Add professional standing to your resumé Give back to the industry by sharing knowledge

12 How SPE Disseminates Technology Connecting members – Conferences & other meetings held globally – Online technical communities Sharing technical knowledge – Magazines – OnePetro – PetroWiki – Peer-reviewed journals Informing the public about our industry

13 SPE Meetings Section meetings – Distinguished lecturers Conferences – 30+ per year Workshops – 90+ per year in 20-30 countries Forums – Unique forward looking events Webinars – 50+ webinars held in 2013

14 SPE Training Courses Enhance professional development Courses in 6 PE disciplines One to five days in length Delivered four ways: – conferences and workshops – Stand-alone venues – Customized in-house courses – Webinars and online

15 SPE Technical Resources


17 Search and download papers Join Technical Interest Groups Access professional networks Connect through eMentoring program Read peer-reviewed journals Technical Papers 65,000 + SPE technical papers in multi-society library (130,000 + papers) 1,700 new papers annually Historical papers back to 1884 3 + million downloads per year

18 SPE Petroleum Engineering Certification Furthers technical and professional competence and skills Provides an internationally recognized standard Demonstrates commitment to profession

19 SPE Young Professionals Age 35 and younger 29% of SPE’s professional members are YPs Less than 10 years of industry experience Industry’s next generation of leaders

20 Young Professionals Program Benefits Enhances technical competence Provides “soft skills” training Helps companies receive highest return on their human resources

21 Young Professionals Programs The Way Ahead Magazine YP Awards YP Workshops Global YP Coordinating Committee Ambassador Lecturer Program to universities Online YP Network Local YP activities in Sections eMentoring

22 Student Development Opportunities 30% are students Regional Student Paper Contests Special student activities Networking Technology resources eMentoring online technical groups

23 SPE Scholarships and Fellowships Scholarships offered in SPE’s geographic regions. USD 5,000/year undergraduate scholarships USD 10,000/year graduate fellowships

24 Volunteerism Volunteerism is key to SPE’s success Volunteering helps members: – Learn the industry – Interact with industry professionals – Give back to the industry

25 Energy4Me Global energy education outreach program developed to attract young people to the petroleum industry as well as improve community awareness.

26 Energy4Me Resources Educational Book filled with information on the history and uses for petroleum resources Energy4me Kit classroom materials and activities for every grade level website contains videos, information on careers, educational activities, and more.

27 Public Education Hydraulic fracturing website devoted to providing factual, transparent information about hydraulic fracturing.

28 SPE Strategic Priorities 1.Capability development (to support industry with the big crew change) 2.Knowledge transfer 3.Promoting professionalism and social responsibility 4.Public education about petroleum engineering profession and industry issues

29 Capability Development Accelerate competency development Support faculty development and retention Fill faculty gap with experienced professionals Facilitate lifecycle learning strategies Assess competency

30 Knowledge Transfer Maintain and enhance technical quality address volunteerism issues Make knowledge available on-demand and user-friendly Address language issues Take full advantage of communications technologies Enable identification and closure of technology gaps Complete and promote use of PetroWiki Serve as curator of content Determine future of peer-reviewed journals Facilitate mentoring

31 Promote Professionalism and Social Responsibility Emphasize SPE professional code of conduct Incorporate ethics and ethics education in SPE programming Provide certification Promote safety and environmental protection as high priorities Maintain integrity and independence of SPE

32 Public Education About Petroleum Engineering and Industry Issues Attract young people to the industry Develop public awareness programs based on technology Serve as a technical authority/trusted source of unbiased information Leverage membership to provide expertise

33 Society of Petroleum Engineers 2014 A World of Opportunity

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