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Dr. Sosa Professional School Counselor Hampton Elementary School.

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1 Dr. Sosa Professional School Counselor Hampton Elementary School

2 A cluster is the way jobs are organized or grouped together. This year we will be learning about career clusters. We are learning about Business Management/Administration, Manufacturing, Architecture/Construction, and Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM) Career Clusters. What is A Career Cluster?

3 Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Architecture and Construction Arts, A/V, Technology and Communications Business, Management and Administration Education and Training EnergyFinance Government and Public Administration Health Science Hospitality and Tourism Human Services Information Technology Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security ManufacturingMarketing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

4 Health Science Careers DoctorDieticianRadiologistDentistOptometristNurse

5 What is Architecture?

6 Architecture is the design of buildings and other physical structures. What are some structures that need planning or designing? Homes and Buildings Roads and Bridges Landscapes and Gardens

7 Drafter Engineer Surveyor Landscape Designer Drafter Surveyor Engineers Landscape Architect/Designer

8 Construction is the way or manner something is put together or built. What type of work would be involved with building a structure? Construction

9 Some Construction Careers Electrician Brick mason Plumbers Welders Heavy Equipment Operators Electrician video Brick Mason Helper Video Plumber Video Heavy Equipment Operator Video Welder video

10 Would these type jobs in the Architecture & Construction cluster require reading, math and science?

11 OR

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