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SPEAR Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility.

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1 SPEAR Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility

2 Energy Conservation

3 Standby Power Consumption Also known as – Phantom load – Vampire power – Leaking electricity In the average home, 75% of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off. Wikimedia Commons

4 Examples of “Phantom Load” Transformers – Power bricks – Cell phone charger Computer equipment Appliances with LED clocks Remote-controlled devices Devices with standby indicators Stereos, radios, satellite receivers, and power strips

5 Refrigerator Make sure door is closed tightly – Take the dollar bill test: close your refrigerator door on a dollar bill and then try to pull it out. If the dollar comes out easily you may need new seals or a new refrigerator. Plan what you need inside the refrigerator before you open the door Refrigerator temperature: 36–40ºF Let food cool before storing in refrigerator


7 Lighting Use common sense – Natural lighting – Localized light (example: desk lamp) – Turn off lights when not in use – Compact fluorescent light bulbs Avoid over-illumination – Waste energy – Health effects Stress and fatigue Hypertension Migraines Circadian rhythm disruption

8 Computers Turn off computer and monitor when not in use Turn off computer at night Activate power management on laptops and desktops Screen savers do NOT reduce energy use

9 Laundry Use cooler water – ~90% of energy used to wash clothes is used to heat water – Switching from hot to warm water can cut energy use in half – Cold-water detergents † Wash and dry full loads; adjust settings for small loads Dry towels and heavier cottons separately from lighter-weight clothes † Effectiveness not scientifically proven.

10 Miscellaneous Drive sensibly. Aggressive driving wastes gasoline... and $$$. When using small amounts of water, use cold water. Hot water may never reach the faucet.

11 SustainVU invu/

12 Sources _students ml college.html rformance_tips

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