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Distance Learning Today 1 New York is no nearer or farther than Beijing, Old constraints of time and space are not relevant on the Internet.

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1 Distance Learning Today 1 New York is no nearer or farther than Beijing, Old constraints of time and space are not relevant on the Internet.


3 Distance Learning Today 3 Now, the full learning experience can be transformed on the NET. Audio Video Interactivity Distance Learning Today

4  The Following are types of distance education courses/programs offered today:  Correspondence conducted through regular mail  Internet Distance Learning conducted either synchronously or asynchronously  Telecourse/Broadcast, in which content is delivered via radio or television  CD-ROM, in which the student interacts with computer content stored on a CD-ROM  Pocket PC/Mobile Learning where the student accesses course content stored on a mobile device or through a wireless server  Integrated distance learning, which is the integration of live, in-group instruction or interaction with a distance learning curriculum 4 Distance Learning Today

5  Asynchronous technology A mode of online delivery where participants access course materials on their own schedule.  Synchronous technology (simultaneous) A mode of online delivery where all students and the teacher are “present” at the same time. 5 Most significant types or methods of delivery:

6  Hybrid or Blended Learning: Part of education is in a physical classroom; face to face, and the remaining part is by distance education.  Many people seem to like this approach; therefore more institutions are starting to offer it. 6 Distance Learning Today

7  LMS – Learning Management Systems  An information system that administers instructor- led and e-learning courses and keeps track of student progress.  It can be used for both Asynchronous and Synchronous learning.  It is actually a framework for an instructor to better administer the classroom. That is where the Instructor posts syllabus, course lectures, assignments, study guides, projects, and Tests. 7 Distance Learning Today

8 8 LMS – Learning Management System

9 9

10 TThere is a slight but important difference between both terms. According to the US Department of education, Distance Education is defined as education or training courses delivered to remote (off- campus) sites via audio, video (live or prerecorded), or computer technologies, including both synchronous (i.e., simultaneous) and asynchronous (i.e., not simultaneous) instruction. OOnline learning; is distance learning utilizing the Internet using Asynchronous or Synchronous delivery. SSo, in short, Online Learning means Distance Learning on the NET. 10 Online Learning Versus Distance Learning

11  Unlimited Resources  Saving Money, Time, and the Environment  The Internet Does Not Discriminate  Simplicity  A Global Classroom  Anywhere, anytime; 24/7 11 ADVANTAGES OF DISTANCE LEARNING

12  Working Adults  Professionals  Single Parents  Educators  Physically Challenged  Military Personnel  On the GO 12 IS ONLINE EDUCATION RIGHT FOR YOU?

13  Online education, while it might be convenient, but by all means it is not easy.  It requires the discipline and dedication, and hard work required in a traditional (brick and mortar) schools  It requires more motivation, and dedication.  For the most part, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. 13 Convenience or Easy?

14  Computer / Laptop  Modem  All-in-One Printer/Scanner  Jump or Flash Drive  PC Digital Video Camera  INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER 14 WHAT DO YOU NEED TO PARTICIPATE IN ONLINE?

15  Windows 7 I s the most common platform currently being used on microcomputers.  Email Account Gmail, Outlook, and Hotmail  Instant Messaging Program (IM) Google, Yahoo, and MSN messenger  Browser MS Internet Explorer, or Firefox  Antivirus Software  PDF Writer, File Zipping (PKZIP)  PC efficiency: aro&gclid=CKfxvKeFuqoCFSEEQAodnCmO6g aro&gclid=CKfxvKeFuqoCFSEEQAodnCmO6g  15 Software you need

16  SKILLS Y ou don't have to be a computer guru to study online, but you need to have basic knowledge of how to use your computer and navigate the Internet  Computer Skill  Typing  Navigation of the Internet  Searching  Basic PC maintenance (software) 16 SKILLS

17  STUDY AT HOME  Have your own room  Dress for Success  Manage Your Time  Avoid distraction and Noise  Develop the Ability to Concentrate 17 HOW TO SUCCEED IN Online Learning?

18  Students’ evaluation in an online school is not much different than in a traditional school.  You are evaluated based on your: Assignments, projects, and Tests  Users of Federal Funding (Title IV) are also evaluated on their participation and attendance.  Missing class, or failing to perform an academic activity for three weeks during an online course will cause you to lose your financial aid funding. 18 Performance Assessment

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