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Hertfordshire County Council Music Service Briefing – Ofsted Inspections 2012.

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1 Hertfordshire County Council Music Service Briefing – Ofsted Inspections 2012

2 Hertfordshire County Council By the end of the session Overview of 2012 Ofsted Inspection Key Changes to Ofsted from September 2012 Teaching of Music – Key Ofsted findings Good and Outstanding - Achievement /Teaching Questions?

3 Hertfordshire County Council Reason for Changes Raise expectations for teaching and achievement Focus on early literacy and reading skills Enable inspectors to focus in detail on the quality of teaching and learning and pupils’ behaviour Establish in more detail the impact of the current Leadership and Management in improving teaching and ensuring leaders are accountable for improvement.

4 Hertfordshire County Council The graded judgements. Achievement Quality of teaching Behaviour and safety Leadership and management Taking into account these judgements and how well the school promotes SMSC Overall Effectiveness of the school The grade descriptors for each Key Judgement are ‘Best Fit’.

5 Hertfordshire County Council Overall Effectiveness AchievementPupils’ SMSC Accuracy and use of Self-Eval Standards on leaving Progress of SEN/D Literacy Teaching Aspiration, challenge, stretch Develop knowledge, understanding, skills Assessment, feedback, planning Develop literacy Behaviour/Safety Pupils’ conduct Attendance & punctuality Attitudes to others/respect Protection from bullying Leadership/Management 2012 Framework Judgements Quality of learning, work and progress Ambition + Improving achm’t Supports and develops staff Improvement of T&L School improving; capacity Closing gaps Appropriateness of curriculum Safeguarding Equal opportunities Parental engagement Partnerships

6 Hertfordshire County Council 2012 New Inspection Framework : Inspecting Outstanding and Good schools The Education Act 2011 states that some schools will be except from section 5 inspections Schools judged outstanding at last inspection will not routinely be inspected unless risk assessment shows a decline in outcomes or gaps widen Exempt schools still get subject / themed inspections Schools judged good at the previous inspection will be inspected within 5 rather than 3 years depending on the risk assessment process.

7 Hertfordshire County Council Key Changes to Ofsted for September 2012 Notice for inspection to be less than a day Requires improvement will replace satisfactory All schools judged to require improvement will be re-inspected within 2 years Requires Improvement + Requires Improvement = Special Measures Notice to Improve is replaced with ‘’serious weaknesses

8 Hertfordshire County Council Key Changes to Ofsted for September 2012 Outstanding schools must have outstanding teaching An acceptable standard of education is defined as ‘’good’’ Anonymised performance management paperwork to be provided to inspectors.

9 Hertfordshire County Council Themed Music Inspections Ofsted will evaluate the quality of the curriculum and its delivery in the context of individual, small groups and, where appropriate, whole classes and particularly the extent to which these meet the needs of the school being inspected. Schools will be asked to inform heads of music services that inspections are taking place Heads of music service will be invited to meet with inspectors and take part in discussions Ofsted will ask for details of all music service activities taking place in the school They will also ask how music activities are planned to meet the particular needs of the school.

10 Hertfordshire County Council Ofsted – Music in Schools Key document published in March 2012 – Music in schools: wider still and wider Based on inspection of 90 Primary, 90 Secondary and 4 Special Schools between 2008 – 2011 Many of the concerns published within the last Ofsted report: Making more of music, remained.

11 Hertfordshire County Council Key findings Good or outstanding provision for music was seen in 68 of the 180 schools (38%) In 41 of the 180 schools (23%) music was judged inadequate These results compare poorly with overall inspection judgements of schools.

12 Hertfordshire County Council Key findings Considerable variation in participation rates of certain groups of pupils The most effective schools recognised that regular, sustained experiences were essential to secure good musical progress. Schools where curriculum provision was weaker showed limited understanding about musical progression or did not give enough time for music.

13 Hertfordshire County Council Key findings Too much music teaching continued to be dominated by the spoken or written word, rather than by musical sounds. Lessons were planned diligently, but not always prepared for musically. Assessment in secondary schools was frequently over-complicated and did not focus enough on the musical quality of students’ work. In both primary and secondary schools, insufficient use was made of audio recording and teachers’ listening skills to assess and improve pupils’ work.

14 Hertfordshire County Council Key findings Achievement in singing was good or outstanding in only a third of the primary schools visited. Not enough emphasis was placed on improving the quality of vocal work or developing other aspects of musical learning through singing. Singing was a major weakness in nearly half of the secondary schools visited. The use of music technology was inadequate or non-existent in three fifths of the primary schools and over a third of the secondary schools inspected.

15 Hertfordshire County Council Key findings Not enough school leaders and managers were holding external partners to account, or robustly challenging the quality of classroom curriculum music provision in their own schools Continued government funding and support for music education is welcomed by Ofsted, as are the new music hubs from September 2012. However, inspection evidence suggests that these alone are not sufficient to provide a good musical education, and that the quality of schools’ music provision and their coordination with external partnerships is of crucial importance.

16 Hertfordshire County Council Achievement pupils’ attainment in relation to national standards and compared to all schools pupils’ progress for individuals and different groups of pupils, together with expected rates of progress the learning and progress of pupils currently in the school based on inspection evidence.

17 Hertfordshire County Council Achievement Almost all pupils, including where applicable disabled pupils and those with special educational needs, are making rapid and sustained progress over time given their starting points They develop and apply a wide range of skills to great effect, including reading, writing, communication and mathematical skills across the curriculum that will ensure they are exceptionally well prepared for the next stage in their education.

18 Hertfordshire County Council Quality of Teaching The most important role of teaching is to promote learning so as to raise pupils’ achievement It is also important in promoting their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development Teaching should be understood to include teachers’ planning and implementing of learning activities across the whole curriculum, as well as marking, assessment and feedback It comprises activities within and outside the classroom, such as support and intervention.

19 Hertfordshire County Council Quality of Teaching Much of the teaching in all key stages and most subjects is outstanding and never less than consistently good. As a result, almost all pupils are making rapid and sustained progress All teachers have consistently high expectations of all pupils Drawing on excellent subject knowledge, teachers plan astutely and set challenging tasks based on systematic, accurate assessment of pupils’ prior skills, knowledge and understanding.

20 Hertfordshire County Council Quality of Teaching They use well judged and often imaginative teaching strategies that match individual needs accurately. Consequently, pupils learn exceptionally well in all subjects The teaching of reading, writing, communication and mathematics is highly effective Teaching promotes pupils’ high levels of resilience, confidence and independence when they tackle challenging activities.

21 Hertfordshire County Council Questions?

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