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Chapter 5, Lesson 1 Interactions in an Ecosystem

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1 Chapter 5, Lesson 1 Interactions in an Ecosystem
abiotic factor biotic factor population community ecology habitat niche producer decomposer consumer topsoil humus

2 ecosystem – all the living and non-living things in an area
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3 abiotic factor – the non-living parts of an ecosystem
minerals water light air temperature soil

4 biotic factor – the living parts of an ecosystem
animals plants protists bacteria fungi

5 population – all the organisms of the same species living in an area

6 community – all the populations living in an area

7 ecology – the study of how all things in an ecosystem interact
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8 habitat – the place where an organism lives
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9 niche – the role of an organism in its community
What does the species eat? What eats the species? What environment does the species need? Is the species active by night or by day? NO TWO SPECIES CAN FILL THE SAME NICHE!

10 producer – an organism that produces oxygen and food like plants and algae

11 consumer – animals are consumers
consumer – animals are consumers. They eat algae, plants, or other animals.

12 decomposer – organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and worms that break down dead plants and animals into useful things like minerals that enrich the soil.

13 topsoil – the top layer of soil

14 humus – partly decayed plant matter

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