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2 Poverty Poverty is a cause of social injustice. Define the term poverty- The state of being inferior in quality, insufficient in amount and being extremely poor. Find 4 pictures of poverty and give a written explanation of the situation. Where is there poverty? Do you know why? What is the effect of poverty? What can be done to help the situation? If you don’t know which country the photo is taken in – you can research one of the 20 poorest nations (Google it). Discuss and share your pictures in a small group. As a group choose 4 pictures and prepare to talk to the class about them

3 The poverty in this picture is located in America; the reason of this is because on the website where the image is found it says “The rising child poverty rate is an indictment of America. 1 in 7 Americans are living in poverty and the number is higher for children (about 1 in 5). The effect of poverty puts children at a higher risk for health issues, not as good grades in school, issues with family, crime and danger and alcohol and drug issues.

4 How we can help as individuals- Volunteer- Caring adults and support will change the lives of many children. There are several websites to volunteer to work with families and their kids. Salt Lake County Volunteer List The Road Home Shelter VOA Homeless Youth Resource Center Big Brothers/ Big Sisters Donate- Big Brothers/ Big Sisters If you aren’t the type of one for volunteering, you can support children by donating to programs or as individuals going to the poor countries and giving them money and supplies. All these organizations except donations. YWCA Shelter Kids Catholic Community Services Advocate- By doing this you are educating yourself in the issues of poverty in America and by researching you can find different ways to advocate on nation and local levels. Here are some websites that educate us more on poverty. Voices for America’s Children Children’s Defense Fund New York Times : Poverty Rate : Poverty Rate : Risk To Children in Poverty Deseret News : Poverty Rise in Utah : Income Gap in US

5 This picture shows a young boy drinking out of a muddy puddle of water. This picture is taken in Tanzania in Africa. There is poverty in Tanzania because of the war and famines that has happened all over Africa in the last 40 years. The effect of poverty on this boy means that he doesn’t have access to clean water. Drinking this muddy, unclean water could give him any number of diseases and could potentially kill him. Things that can be done to help this situation are things like donate money for a well to be built in his town or better yet you could actually go to Tanzania as a volunteer to help build a well for the people of the town.

6 These children in Tanzania have lack of necessities, basic foods, medical care, shelter and safety. In Tanzania there is also a lot of pollution. People who donate or adopt a child could help save their lives. There are two types of poverty in Tanzania are absolute poverty and relative poverty.

7 Asia’s largest slum Dharavi


9 Mumbai, India (Dharavi) is spread over an area of 1.75 km along the Mahim river in central Mumbai. The population of Dharavi is over 1 million people It is sandwiched between Mahim in the west and Sion in the east, and spread over an area of 175 hectares, or 0.67 square miles (1.7 km2)

10 What’s being done to help? DONATIONS - Clothes- toys - Money Red cross - Help with supplying food - Supply heath needs such as doctors UNICEF - Help children in need Oxfam

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