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WalkSanDiego, created 1998 Move San Diego, created 2004 Merged 2014 12 Staff 18 Board Members $1,040,000 Annual Budget.

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2 WalkSanDiego, created 1998 Move San Diego, created 2004 Merged 2014 12 Staff 18 Board Members $1,040,000 Annual Budget

3 Mission Mission Create excellent mobility choices and vibrant, healthy neighborhoods

4 Board of Directors

5 Staff  Executive Director  Deputy Executive Director  Office Administrator  Programs Manager  Policy Manager  Community Health Initiatives Manager  Project Coordinator (2)  Project Assistant  Policy Assistant  Community Engagement Coordinator (2)

6 Programs & Activities  Projects in 13 San Diego County Cities  Safe Routes to School – 34 schools/30,000 students  Regional Transportation Planning  Community Based Transportation Planning  Public Outreach & Engagement  Land Use (Smart Growth, TOD, Infrastructure)  Complete Streets Policy & Planning  MOVE Alliance  Public Health (HIAs, Health Elements)

7 Guiding Principles The Individual – People First Freedom to Choose - Communities should be designed to make the healthy and environmentally responsible choice the easy choice. Equity - Decision-makers should focus on the well-being of all people who may be impacted directly or indirectly by a transportation or land use decision. Civic Engagement - Residents and employers should be educated and empowered to make informed planning decisions. Economy - Public investments should support increased prosperity and quality of place for all citizens.

8 Guiding Principles The Community – Neighborhoods Worth Caring About Freedom to Choose - Neighborhood and community plans should lead to more complete neighborhoods served by attractive, complete streets and a choice of transportation modes. Equity - Marginalized communities disproportionately impacted by poor transportation choices should be prioritized for infrastructure improvements that enhance access while preserving affordability. Opportunity - Since transit-oriented, multi-family housing is likely to be the dominant growth form in the future, local governments should seize this opportunity to provide a diversity of housing, a mix of destinations, and excellent transportation options. Economy - New development should lead to local job creation and improving the safety of the community.

9 Guiding Principles The Region – Think Locally, Plan Regionally Equity - Regional transportation projects should support local efforts to extend opportunity and healthy environments to people of all means, ages, and abilities. Freedom to Choose - The region’s transportation spending strategy should focus less on short-term congestion relief and more on providing long-term alternatives to driving. Fiscal Responsibility - Regional transportation decisions should account for all costs and benefits, acknowledge long-term consequences, and maximize return on investment. Health - Improving public health should be a pillar of all regional projects, policies, and programs. Environment - All regional initiatives should ensure progress toward a cleaner environment, preservation of open space, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

10 Overarching Goals  Champion human-scale land use, transportation, and placemaking strategies in the San Diego region.  Connect neighborhoods and people with a multi- modal transportation network that is appealing, convenient, and safe.  Promote increased funding and policies that support active transportation and healthy, sustainable neighborhoods.

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