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1 CA’ FOSCARI CAREER SERVICE >Servizi Studenti/Laureati > Placement.

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1 1 CA’ FOSCARI CAREER SERVICE >Servizi Studenti/Laureati > Placement

2 2 WHO WE ARE The Career Service of University Ca’ Foscari of Venice started its activities in 2007. The main goals of our office are:  to give professional career management advice in order to help our students and newly graduates find the best career path;  to support companies in their search for skilled personnel.

3 3 WHAT WE DO Our office offers valid guidance service to students and graduates. We are in charge of several activities:  We help them discover their aptitudes, motivations and skills, in order to find their right professional path;  We provide them with the right tools to increase the chances of their success (CV and covering letter checks and mock interviews);  We assist them in the search of a job and we put them in touch with employers through events, formal applications and our resources (i.e. a job-offer noticeboard);  We also give advice on further study (postgraduate courses, Masters or PhDs)

4 4 OUR SERVICES Interviews with career advisers; Workshops to support who is entering the job market; Free recording of Video CVs; Seminars on specific job sectors; Matching activities between employers and graduates (not only through placement actions but also internships); Employer presentations; Career fairs; A useful guide on the current labour market, working conditions, entry requirements and relevant professional bodies.

5 5 INTERVIEW WITH A CAREER ADVISER It is a career information and guidance service, open three days a week (appointments can be booked on-line); Each appointment lasts on the average half an hour; These sessions are suitable for general queries, cv checks and advice on professional future or further study; We also give practical support in the job search by connecting graduates with employers.

6 6 OUR WORKSHOPS PIANETA LAVORO How to get ready for the job market Structured in three days and held by human resources managers of big companies; It gives hints on:  how to write your CV and cover letter;  how to manage a job interview and highlight your skills;  contracts of employment. During the workshop, participants can also record their Video CV.

7 7 VIDEO CV It is a free service that only two Italian Universities are offering at the moment; The videos are shot with the help of professional cameramen and are given back to the participants who can send them to employers along with their application. Videos can be seen on Ca’ Foscari YouTube Channel

8 8 OUR WORKSHOPS CREA LA TUA IMPRESA How to make your entrepreneurial idea true Workshop dedicated to those who, after their academic career, want to start an entrepreneurial activity; Structured in four days; Focus on: Business Plan, Marketing and Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility.

9 9 Seminars on specific job sectors Students and graduates have the chance to learn more about a specific job sector and getting a feel for the types of role and organizations within a professional field (i.e. tourism or journalism). The seminars are held by experts and testimonials.

10 10 Matching activities between employers and graduates Database of graduates’ CVs; Report of CVs to employers; Job-offer noticeboard on-line.

11 11 OUR RECRUITING EVENTS L’AZIENDA TI CERCA Employers Presentation Recruiters come to Ca’ Foscari to deliver presentations throughout the year; They publicise their company and recruitment process and opportunities available to students and graduates; Participants have the chance to give recruiters their CV and to hold a short job interview with them.

12 12 OUR RECRUITING EVENTS CAREER DAY  It is the biggest recruiting fair of our University;  It is addressed to all four academic departments;  Visitors can meet recruiters from national and international companies and give them their CVs and hold a short job interview;  Nr. of companies that took part in the 2010 Career Day: 25  Nr. of visitors: 1,200  Some important names: Benetton, L’Oreal, Education First…

13 13 OUR RECRUITING EVENTS FINANCE DAY This event is mainly organized for graduates in Economics and financial disciplines;  Nr. of companies that took part in the 2010 Finance Day: 25  Nr. of visitors: 700  Some important names: Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Boston Consulting Group…

14 14 FUTURE PROJECTS INTERNATIONAL CAREERS It is a recruiting event, taking place in October, that will involve international companies and Italian companies with branches abroad; The target: graduates from all the academic departments who would like to enrich their professional skills through a job experience abroad; The goal of the event is to foster international mobility.

15 15 Key facts and figures Nr. of students/graduates that took advantage of our service in 2010: 243 Nr. of job offers published on our on-line noticeboard: 272 Nr. of students that have been recruited through our service: 54

16 16 Career Service Opening hours: Tuesday + Friday 9.30 am -12.30 am Wednesday 9.30 am - 4.30 pm Contacts: Tel +39 041 2347575 – 7949 Fax +39 041 2347954 E-mail We are based at: Ca' Foscari University Dorsoduro 3246 - 30123 Venice

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