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All I Want For Christmas Is TV: Power of TV During Holiday Season.

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1 All I Want For Christmas Is TV: Power of TV During Holiday Season

2 Power of TV During Holiday Season Holiday sales projected to increase 4% this 2014 Holiday season 49% of consumers will start holiday shopping before Thanksgiving TV engages shoppers on 2 screens: consumers spend 5X more time with TV brands than with 4 portals + Facebook combined Viewing levels spike during winter holiday months, especially during Thanksgiving & Christmas weeks Cable originals have doubled, offering a diverse mix of programming Retailers time sensitive ads are seen; 80% of viewing is still ‘Live’; Broadcast’s programming is time-shifted 2X as much as Cable’s in Primetime TV drives sales: 75% of Top 100 TV advertisers increased their spending during holiday season; 52% increased spending on Cable As consumers buy across all categories; Cable viewers have higher discretionary incomes and spend more on products/services Mobile shopping has grown 5 percentage points v year ago Cable brands remain top of mind in online computer brands & as most downloaded apps

3 Holiday Sales Are Projected To Grow in 2014 - Increasing 4% Source: NRF; Holiday sales= annual holiday and monthly avg retail sales; NRF defined; 2014 projected* Planned holiday spend per shopper=NRF & Prosper Insights & Analytics 10/14 survey; holidays=Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa; A18+ A18+ Sales In November & December Can Account For 30% of Retailer’s Annual Sales, and Make Up Nearly 20% of Industry’s Annual $3.2 trillion Average Consumer Planning On Spending 5% More This Holiday Season

4 A Large Opportunity Exists For Advertisers As Half Of Consumers Will Start Shopping Before Thanksgiving Source: Accenture 2014 US Holiday Shopping Survey; 9/14

5 Source: Nielsen Npower Live+7 September 2014 P2+, CAB analysis of comScore duplicated September 2014 data. Cable Television represents all measured Ad-Supported Cable nets; Cable network websites represents 61 cable network websites. Broadcast Television represents FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, iON and CW Cable : TV+ Web (Hrs: Mins) Broadcast: TV + Web (Hrs: Mins) 21:38 35:40 Monthly Time Spent (September 2014) (Average mins per visitor, Hrs: Mins) 81:22 4 Portals + FB (Hrs: Mins) 117:02 Total TV + Web (Hrs: Mins) Television Brands Engage Shoppers Across Screens- They Spend 5X More Time With TV+TV Sites Than Four Portals & Facebook Combined

6 Source:% change in avg min/visitor=comcore; duplicated …And the Popularity of Cable Sites Continues To Grow, Month After Month

7 Power of TV During Holiday Months

8 Viewing Levels Remain Relatively Consistent, Spiking During The Winter Holiday Months Among Both Young And Old Thanksgiving WeekChristmas Week Spike In Viewing During Holiday Weeks Source: CAB analysis of Npower; 2013 calendar year; total day; live put levels. PUT Levels

9 Source: CAB analysis of Nielsen Npower; PUT Levels; Total Day Jan MLK JR Feb Valentine’s Day Washingto’ns Birthday May Memorial Day May July 4th Sept Labor Day Oct Columbus Halloween Nov Thanksgiving Day after Thanksgiving Dec Christmas Eve Christmas Day Looking At Specific Holiday’s – TV Viewing Levels Rise; Especially On Thanksgiving and Christmas Day Television PUT Levels : P18-49

10 Source: CAB analysis of Nielsen Npower; Total Day Cable’s Original-Heavy Programming Engages Advertiser’s Key Target - A18-49; Often at a 3X Rate vs. Broadcast Time Spent By Source: Total Day A18-49 Hrs: Min

11 Regular Cable Programming Holiday Cable Programming In Fact Cable Originals Have More Than Doubled In Past Decade …Offering A Diverse Mix of Programming # of Cable Original Programs 11/25-12/31/13 v. 2003 Source: CAB analysis of Nielsen Npower; Total Day; analyzed on pgms; 11/25-12/31/13 v same period in 2003.

12 Source: CAB analysis of Nielsen Npower; base=DVR playback;11/25-12/29/13 Retailers Time Sensitive Ads Are Seen & Not Fast-Forwarded During Holiday Season, 8 Out of 10 Minutes Are Viewed Live % of DVR Playback v Live Avg Minutes By Demo: Total Day 11/25-12/29/13

13 Source: CAB analysis of Nielsen Npower; base=DVR playback;11/25-12/29/13 While Broadcast Programming Is 2X as Likely To Be Time-shifted in Primetime

14 Television Is Relied On to Drive Holiday Sales Shoppers Seeking Product/Service Info. Rely on TV

15 # of Top 100 Total TV Advertisers Nov-Dec ‘13 v yag # of Adv% Share Increased Spending7575% Stayed Same00% Decreased Spending2525% Of The Top 100 TV Advertisers, 52% Increased Their Spending In Ad-Supported Cable TV Drives Sales: 75% Of Top 100 TV Advertisers Boosted Their TV Ad Spend During Holiday Season vs. Year Ago; 52% Increased Spending On Cable Specifically Source: Nielsen AdViews; Total TV ad revenue for nov-dec 13 v yag; total day; analyzed on Top 100 TV advertisers

16 Restaurants (Including QSR) 8 Ad Categories Most Dependent on Traffic-Building/Call-To-Action Retail Stores Movie Openings Hotels & Resorts Direct Response TV Tune-In Insurance & Real Estate Food Looked at the 8 Combined from 2007 – 2013 8 Traffic/Call-to-Action Categories: National Cable Nets - Ad $ +112% Last 6 Years (‘07 – ‘13) (3x Overall Rate – 112% vs. 36%) $7.6b to $16.1b Sources: Analysis Nielsen Ad Views 2007 – 2013 Ad Revenue Jan. thru Nov. Lead Cable Growth Engine Remains Ad Categories Needing Quick Sales Results:

17 Television Keeps Consumers Informed/Up To Date; They Trust The Medium Source: MRI 2014 Doublebase; A18-49 vert %

18 Holiday Shopping

19 Consumers Are Planning On Buying Across a Big Range of Categories Again This Holiday Season: Source: Accenture 2014 US Holiday Shopping Survey;9/14

20 Cable Brands Reach Your Shopper Targets - Cable Viewers Tend To Spend More On Products & Services Index to General Pop (A18+) Source: 2014 MRI Doublebase

21 Mobile Shopping & Value Of Cable Brands

22 Shopping On Mobile Devices Gains Traction; 5% Increase in Online Channels Source: Accenture 2014 US Holiday Shopping Survey;9/14; black Friday shopping by channel ; only internet devices listed

23 From Over 500,000 Apps: Sports MusicTV Entertain.Comedy FOX Sports Go at Bat Watch ESPN ESPN Radio ScoreCenter for iPad News Beats Music Pandora Spotify Disney Karaoke: Frozen iHeart Radio Netflix Hulu+ Amazon Instant Video Watch ABC Xfinity TV Go CNN NY Times Wall Street Journal Flipboard: Social News Magazine Time Magazine Pandora Ellen Viki Huffington Post Comedy Central Source: Apple app store 9/23/14; Most popular iPAD apps by category search term (excluding gaming apps) Weather Finance Entertain. TV News Business Weather Channel for iPad Yahoo! Weather Weather+ Accuweather Weatherbug Children CNBC Bloomberg FOX Business Reuters Insider CNN Money & Business Entertainment Weekly Shaazam E! Live from the Red Carpet HBO Go Xfinity TV Go Sprout TBN Mobile U-Verse Kids Nickelodeon Watch Disney Channel CNBC BBC News CNN App for iPad Yahoo! Finance Time Magazine Most Downloaded Apps On Mobile Devices, Cable Brands Are Top Of Mind

24 And Cable Brands Reach Online Consumers, Ranking Top Across Most Categories Sports NBC Sports Network ESPN FOX Sports on MSN USA Today Sports College Humor/Cracked Comedy Central BET NBCU TV Yahoo! TV TV Guide ABC Digital ABC News CNN NBC News USA Today CBS News Spotify Yahoo! Music Bandsintown Amplified MTV Networks Soundcloud Source: CAB analysis of comScore data, September 2014 Wayfair Ehow Home & Garden Home HGTV The Weather Channel MSN Weather Yahoo! Weather Yahoo! TV NBCU TV Tribune Broadcasting TV Guide MSN TV Food Network Allrecipes BlogHer Food My Recipes Network Yahoo! Food Disney Entertainment COOL- Poptropica Worldwide SportsComedy TV Ent. Black General News Music HomeWeather TV Entertainment Kids Food Gaming Zynga FreeRide Games Midas Player GSN EA Websites Top Online Computer Brands

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