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EU Funding- Part 1 Andrew Brown Marine Scotland in Europe.

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1 EU Funding- Part 1 Andrew Brown Marine Scotland in Europe

2 EU Funding Part 1 Introduction to funds EU Marine and Maritime Policies, Themes and Priorities Part 2 (Jim Millard) Progress under the Common strategic Framework Programme development and accessing funding

3 Main sources of funds 2014-2020 Common Strategic Framework DGs Regio & DG Employment (€376Bn) –European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) –European Social Fund (ESF) –European Territorial Co-operation Fund (Interreg) –Cohesion Fund European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) –DG Agri European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) – DG Mare Horizon 2020 –DG Research and Innovation

4 Common Strategic Framework Reform Focus on smart, sustainable, inclusive growth and jobs Fewer priority areas focused on delivering Europe 2020 priorities –Low carbon –R&D –SME Competitiveness –Digital –Employability Simpler, harmonised rules Worth around €376Bn over 2014-2020


6 Horizon 2020 EU research funding framework Worth €80Bn over 2014-2020 Marine objectives –3 Central themes – Excellent Science, Competitive Industries and Better Society –Unlocking the potential of aquatic living resources (fisheries, aquaculture, blue biotechnology) –Cion soon to be consulting on preliminary programmes.

7 EU Marine and Maritime Priorities Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy Promotion of the Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) –Marine Knowledge 2020 –Integrated Maritime surveillance –Marine Spatial Planning –Blue Growth –Sea Basin Strategies

8 Blue Growth 5 focus areas (growth and employment potential) –Blue energy (tidal, wave, thermal) –Aquaculture –Maritime, coastal and cruise tourism –Marine and Mineral Resources –Blue Biotechnology (drugs, bio fuels)

9 Sea basin Strategies North Sea, Arctic and Atlantic Atlantic Strategy – under development –5 themed stakeholder workshops –Seeking to identify and operationalise collaborative projects on: Implementing the ecosystem approach Reducing our Carbon Footprint Sustainable exploitation of the seafloors natural resources Responding to threats and emergencies Socially inclusive growth

10 Scottish Government Actions in Europe Engaged with UK and Europe on development of Common Strategic Framework Lobbying EU on development of EMFF and EAFRD Working with UK and EU on development of IMP, including Blue Growth and Atlantic Strategy. Linking in to Horizon 2020 discussions

11 Questions for stakeholders What projects meet both EU and Scottish priorities? Can we identify collaborative projects? How can we influence EU marine policies?

12 Resources Common strategic framework (ESF, ERDF, Cohesion) -- EMFF EAFRD Blue Growth Sea Basin Strategies Horizon 2020

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